Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lok Paritran

Not many are aware of the party callled "LOK PARITRAN". It is a National Party registered since Sep-05 by 4 IITians and it is now in the process of contesting elections in Chennai for the May State Elections.

Since we see them to be a Ray of Hope off the Blue!! We request one and all to forward the message across on exsistence of such a party and they in turn should carry on the message to whomsoever they know.

We have scheduled a meeting on Sunday 9th April 06 at the K.N shanmugha Sundaram Hall in Mylapore near Nageshwara Park..

We request you all to pass on the message and as far as possible thro the electronic mail.

Lets all make sure that this mail reaches all and need like minded people with a vision to give something back to the society in which we live.

For more information you can log in to the website:

In person you can contact:

Hema - 9840239669
Srinivas - 9840338546
Badri - 9840719686
Indiresh - 9884487755

Monday, April 10, 2006

Chelsea Parody

This one is a famous Jose Murinho parody that has now acquired pretty much status of a classic.
I'll try to post the mp3 link sometime, for now here are the lyrics


I Sign a Little Player or Two is the follow-up to the José and his Amazing Technicolor Overcoat sketch on Today FM's Gift Grub show. It parodies the Chelsea manager José Mourinho and the Aretha Franklin song I Say a Little Prayer. It is performed by Mario Rosenstock.

Do you know some people will like to know
Why are we so successful
And why always that we are winning
And why also they are saying all the time that I am the special one
Well I also have song for this.

[Verse 1]
The moment I wake up (Damien, wake up),
Before I crack open my egg cup (Damien[1]: egg cup),
I sign a little player or two.

While combing my hair now (yes, very nice),
And wondering what coat to wear now (Damien: wear now),
I sign a little player or two.

Because - forever, forever,
They will stay in my heart and I will love them all.
And whatever - perhaps never,
May be some will not start, it's possible.
But - together, together,
That's how we will be completely, I'm sorry.
And that's how it must be at Chelsea
Believe me, I know these things.


[Verse 2]
While eating my sandwich (very tasty),
I call Roman Abramovich (Damien: ovich),
Sign a little player or two (okay?).

And if he doesn't work hard,
I'll probably tell Frank Lampard (Damien: Lampard),
We'll sign another player or two.


Damien: Yeah but,
Damien: What about me?
Well Duff uh - believe me, believe me (believe me).
Damien: What?
For me there is no other winger but you.
Damien: Really?
Yes, this is true.
Damien: Wow, that's great.
Please love me too.
Damien: Okay,
'Cause I'm in love with you.
Damien: Pretty good.
Now kill yourself,
Damien: Huh?
Do it, do it.
Damien: What? Eh, okay.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The art of Sari wrapping :)

click on the image for enlarged version

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)