Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who Is Watching Whom - 1 (Your Take)

Who can know
that I'm being watched,
whenever I trace your path.

I continue to wander
once in a while in your domain,
every time
it becomes hard for me to bear the pain.

Soothes me
when I see life ticking at your virtual side,
figuring out
you and your life in the words you write.

That I leave no trace
is a compulsion I can't explain,
similar to one
why I visit you again and again.

Pardon me,
my helplessness, looming over me ever so eternally,
yet I'm human
so I escape to your realm, now and then occasionally.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

My Call of Loneliness

Let there be a story for all to share;
it need not be peculiar

Doesn't really matter if its a trite,
a plot thats been oft repeated and hackneyed

And originality is my last concern
as long as there is someone
to tell me a tale, give me a talk;
I would even give you the expression of shock

By now you know, its my loneliness calling
melancholy's rising as shadows are falling

Beneath the ground beside me, my neighbors sleep
peacefully oblivious, my call no one heeds.

Monday, May 21, 2007

One of Those Nights

In a night of noisy silence
The moon came down and whispered to me;
Do you still remember her ?

I watched through my window
up on the hill, there's a fairy glow
In the watery pond
the stars are sleeping for the night
dreaming with their open eyes.
There's a hush in the valley, a peaceful calm,
the wind is resting in the night's arms.
The distant waterfall sings a lullaby
everyone's sleeping except you and I.

The smell of the jasmines is beginning to rise
soon it will overtake me and the night.
I notice a firefly trying hard
to breakthrough the night's dark;
somewhere in the distance it went
lost perhaps in the night again.
I know it has traveled far, to her window from mine,
like it always does, on one of those nights.

Thought it was clouds that shadowed the moon
but realized it soon,
The moon was sitting on the window sill
watching the lone fox dancing on the hill

I looked at the moon and blew off the lamp,
cos' I knew it will ask me again
Do I still remember her ?

I think I do.
In the midst of those nights
when the moon comes to visit me
leaving behind the skies
Yes I remember her
in one of those nights,
One of those nights.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

If Words Were Enough

She said
She could not find herself
in my words.
Alas, we understand only words
and pity
for how much can they really say.

that's how these emotions are,
and we'll always wonder
I never said them
& you never understood them.

Shall I worry about my past
cos' future ain't bright either
and words
even they can't bring us together.

If you want me
to pen down an ode for love,
for you,
I can do that.
But do you really feel the need.
What's the point in
dressing emotion with words,
if you can't feel it anyways.

Wish you could understand
Everything else was secondary
the words, the past
when it came to loving you.

Or perhaps you can take this
as a reason
to soothe the heart thats broken,
and I wont mind you complain
That you could not find yourself
in my words.

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