Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Whose Name

If I had your face
your colour and rac
eand I worship
your religion;
in whose name then
will there be blood again,
who will embrace
these sorrows and pain,
orphans of your blind game.
What will happento life's goal and aim,
perhaps lifewill never be the same.

So I doubtthat you will spare me then
for the game doesn't end
till someone remains;
And I know
even you're not to blame,
you'll continue to fight
and kill for fun
for you were never god anyways,
just a mere human.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kronborg Castle - Helsingor, Denmark

Looks like I did my share of Denmark travelling in the first two weeks itself. Well here are the pics from the Helsingor trip. The Kronborg castle was amazing, especially the Danish Ship museum.
The castle was built in 1420 by Danish King Eric, and has been one of the most important Renaissance Castles in Europe. The castle overlooks the sound between Denmark and Sweeden, which at Helsingor is only 4 Km wide, the town of Helsingborg, on the other side in Sweeden, being clearly visible.
The castle is also the setting of Shakespeare's famous Hamlet. It also houses a statue of Oiger or Holger Danske, who according to a legend, will rise up from his slumber to save Denmark if the nation is in grave danger.
The details of the castle and the town of Helsingor can be found at the following links,

11:45 at the Helsingor station

Helsingor Station

Helsingor station (The other side)

Tha's Kronborg Castle in the distance

Castle Entrance
The Church in the town

Kronborg Castle

View of the Oresund

Thats Oresund for you.

By the sea

This one is off to Sweeden as well

Into the Museum

U wanna eat that :)

Inside the Castle

Ek andhera kamra
16th century painting and craft work

Holger Danske

The prison cells beneath the castle

Shots from Outside of the Castle
Denmark ka jhanda
Another one to Sweeden

Helsingor Castle from the sea side

Murlidhar Singh Thakur, sirf naam hi kaafi hai

That's one more shot of Murli

And that's your's truly

Ferry to Sweeden

And the Classic

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Night of The Monsoon Rains

Raindrops on the window pane
Amongst the clouds is a moon so wane

We continue to talk thorugh the photograph
These mischevious eyes of yours trying to conceal the laugh

Raindrops on the tin roof create music of the night
A small rivulet by the road is just coming to life

A smell of wet earth fills the senses
This aint a night to ignore your stealthy glances

So we'll pass the night by the window sill
You somewhere, and I enjoying the monsoon thrill

Cos' tonight the sleep will be hard to come by
As always, all else will pass, except You and I.

Picture courtesy :

ज़िंदगी जो यूं ही गुजरी तो क्या गम हुआ

सोचता हूँ
ज़िंदगी जो यूं ही गुजरी तो क्या गम हुआ

यूं भी तो
शिखर की ऊँचाई हर किसी का ख्वाब नही होती

मेरी खुशी का सरोकार तो
दूर से ही शिखर को निहारने में है

कौन कह सकता है की
यही खुशी शिखर को छू लेने पर भी होती

माना की
दूसरी ज़ानीब भी जहान बहुत सारे हैं

पर फ़िर जहाँ मैं हूँ
किसी और जहान की जरूरत अब महसूस नही होती

सोचता हूँ
ज़िंदगी जो यूं ही गुजरी तो क्या गम हुआ

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Shall I chat a bit
or just keep lying down.

Shall I visit the nearby cafe
and sip a book or two.

Shall I finish those pending lines
or start a few, not meant to finish.

Shall I just take a long walk
with no purpose or intent.

Shall I keep looking from my window
at the children enjoying a spring Sunday morn.

Picture Courtesy :

Fir Ek Dopahari

फ़िर एक दोपहरी,
उन रातों के सिलसिले हुए
बीते जिन्हें एक अरसा हुआ.
खिड़की के कोने सेनिहारता था चाँद,
और सोचता था मैं कशमकश में,
'कल यूं अगर हो जाए तो'.
कितने दिन निकले उस 'यूं' की तलाश में
हुआ पर वह कभी नही,
अनजान सी सडको पर
जाने कितने चक्कर लगाये,
न पता, न जान पहचान
सिर्फ़ एक दर्द की चाहत में,
दर्द जो अब भी कभी
रातों को परेशां करता है तो
खिड़की पर खड़े यही सोचता हूँ,
चाँद को शायद तुम भी निहारती होगी
ऐसी ही दोपहरियों में.