Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tum kitni khoobsurat ho.
Ek anchooi kali si
gulab ki pankhudi par jaise os ki ek nanhi boond
lalima liye hue subah ke suraj ki pehli kiran si
ya baadalon mein lookachipi karti hui chandni si,
Tum kitni khoobsurat ho.

Tapte dino mein thandi hawa
ya saawan ki umadti ghumadti ghata,
moti bikherti ye tumhari hansi
shant jal mein jaise tarango ka uthna
aur uth ke fir palke jhook jaana,
Tum kitni khoobsurat ho.

Saawan ke jhoolon par pankh khol udne ko betaab
aur hawa mein misri gholti tumhari awaaz
girta hua jharna ya kal kal behta dariya
chanchal aisi ki doodh ho ufaan par
ya koi nadi dhalaan par,
Tum kitni khoobsurat ho.

Barfili sardiyon mein bikhri sunhari dhoop
ya aam ke baago mein koyal ki koonk
satrangi indradhanush ho jaise aasmaa ke seene par
sagar ki gehraiyon se nikla koi anmol moti
rajnigandha ki khooshboo si saara aalam bhigoti

Tumhara ehsaas khood mein kitna khoobsurat
tumhara khayal aate hi chaati hui madhoshi;
Tumhara jikr kaafi hai khudko bhoolane ke liye
aur tumhara aks, aankhein jise har pal dekhti hain,
Sach tum bahut khoobsurat ho,
bahut !

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

As The Sun Goes Down On Me

This was on 16th of November last year, few days before finally vacating the Morgens Apartment that has been my kabootarkhaana for past two years. Me and Ravi had to be at Matt's place for his annual turkey massacre and thus busy with preparing something in the kitchen. As the evening sun started looking down the kitchen window, I realized how beautiful it was and thats when I decided to take some pics. In fact I ended taking up a lot; I never had confidence in my photo taking capabilities. The marvelous shades of red, pink, orange and yellow intermingle to cover the blue canvas making for a view to treasure.

Here's for the lovely evening

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moving On

Up and down went the rhythm
of the song of love.
I hear her scream,
'I hate you'
as if I ever cared.
Immersed in the song of love
I danced to the happiness
and drank to the peace.
Goodbye or Goodnight kiss
who remembers,
as the song faded inside the head,
woke up
and moved on
with the life so beautiful :)

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Days of Future Passed

Passed my day
with the dragon
from the clouds,
and my night
with a waning moon.
Listened to
what the cricket sang,
a lullaby perhaps
for the river slept
deep in the jungle.
Next morning
leaves wore
the shining trinkets of the dew,
and a blue rainbow
filtered through
the color of the skies.
The few rose that blossomed
their fragrance I savored,
and drank their beauty.
Over the green hill
I searched for the fairies
the one who danced last night
in the glow of the moonlight;
chased the rabbit
that lived on the moon,
and sang with the foxes
howling in unison.
Among the trees
in the dense of the forest,
looked for the elves
of unparalleled beauty.

I passed the days of future
in wonderment
leaving behind the miseries
of my sad present.

As I rode high
on the wishes of happiness and joyous future
that you've sent,
I dreamt, I dreamt, I dreamt.


PS : Title and cover art from the Moody Blues 1967 release 'Days of Future Passed', my most favorite band and my most favorite album.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good Riddance

"Time exists
just on your wrist"
that's why one day
I decided
to get rid of it.
Ever since,
life's been without
the regular tick,
which pushes one closer
to the end of it.

The first line is taken from the beautiful Travis song, "Indefinitely" from the Album, "The Invisible Band".
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