Friday, January 29, 2010


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Shoe Shopping for Missus

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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year New Life and a New Post

On borrowed time as a bachelor (I am currently leading a life of a pseudo-bachelor since Richa still awaits her Visa), I am not sure what I should be writing. I thought of writing something sensational or perhaps a welcome note to the married life or even a dirge on the gone for good days of bachelorhood, but I guess I will end up writing something lame.

Its the start of yet another cold weekend here. Currently I listen to some Kumaoni songs, it's called 'Meri Mayadara'. Not sure what it means, perhaps 'My Lover' or something like that.

Few minutes back, I finished reading Billoo's 'Raavan ke Sir'. Amongst all other things, what I found interesting was that just before Diwali, Billoo's parents are away to Dibrugarh. I mean they have been to Dibrugarh of all places (rolling my eyes). I wonder what makes them travel all the way to Assam. Or may be Billoo's story takes place in Assam only, just that Pran Sir forgot to mention that in any of Billoo's comics. On a different note, what if Billoo's parents turn out to be some high profile secret agents serving in IB (again rolling my eyes). I would have liked to linger some more on this brilliant idea just that it wont be good to be labeled 'crazy' now that I am a married man. On the other hand, isn't a man who is married already crazy??

Lets move on to the impending African Nations Cup match between Ivory Coast and Ghana. It will be interesting to see Michael Essien and Didier Drogba rough it out against each other. I have no favorites here but I do look forward to watching this match.

My weekend will probably pass amidst preparations for upcoming trip to Cincinnati and then IMAC. Perhaps I will head out for a dinner on Sunday to some Restaurant with Ranko and Murli. BTW isnt Ranko sounding like Rancho (from 3 Idiots). I think I need to let Ranko know about this. Ranko is my colleague from work and is a Bollywood buff. I think he will like this connection since he likes Aamir Khan. I guess even Aamir will like this connection given that Ranko is originally from Bosnia and might be Aamir's one and only fan from the country :)

Tomorrow Chelsea plays Sunderland in EPL. After last few matches falling prey to bad weather in England, it will be good to get rolling again. Hopefully, Chelsea will win this one to start the year on a winning note.

On a sad note, Asheem Chakravarty of Indian Ocean breathed his last on Christmas eve. Words can't describe the sorrow that I felt on hearing this news. Certain dreams are never to be fulfilled, I guess witnessing IO perform live is one of them.

Sant Kabeer wrote,
Jab Hum Paida Hue Jag Hansa Hum Roye,
Aisi Karni Kar Chalo, Hum Hanse Jag Roye

May Asheem's soul rest in peace and may his music continues to enthrall our senses forever.