Saturday, March 27, 2010

Around the Marble Church (On a fine Saturday)

The Mendak

Round Tower

Marble Church

Opera House


Atop the Marble Church

View of Amalienborg (Queen's Palace) and Opera House from the top of Marble Church

Dome of Russian Church from top of Marble Church

View from the dome of Marble Church

Spiral Staircase of Church of Our Saviour

One more view from the top

Oresund Bridge


Statue of Frederick V

Yet Another View

Kobenhavn (I mean Copenhagen) City View from the Marble Church

Inside the Marble Church

The dome from Inside

The Beautiful Chapel of the Marble Church

These pictures are from our last week trip in the town. It was, I suppose, the first sunny day of the spring (I mean first sunny day on a March weekend with plus temperatures) and I took Richa around for some local sightseeing. We went around Nyhavn and then all the way to the Marble Church, where we found out that they have guided tours to the dome of the church on Weekends at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Since we were there right in time and since it wasn't very costly (DKK 25 or around USD 5), we took the tour and it indeed turned out to be good fun. It was bit scary in parts as almost the whole climb was through a narrow and steep passage, with just enough space for one person to move at a time. Those afraid of confined spaces (like Richa) will probably find it bit spooky :) Once atop though, you are presented with a fabulous view of the city of Copenhagen and far off (to Sweeden and Malmo). Several of city's important buildings can be seen from the top. This of course provides one with a chance to impress one's better half with one's general know how about the city (that's no way saying that your better half will be impressed; its just that you have a chance of impressing her). All in all, a really nice local attraction. The church in itself is very beautiful and its one of my favorites in Copenhagen. The last picture in this entry is my favorite :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lake at Brede

There's a lake
on the way to home.
When the winters
are in full swing
this lake
sometimes freezes;
perfect white,
a visual treat,
a sight
to behold
and cherish.
I have thought
on quite many occasions
while viewing the lake
through the train window
as I pass it
on my way home,
to stop by,
get off the train,
walk up to the lake
spend some time
in its pristine whiteness,
eternal yet momentary
I have thought this often,
that one day
I will stop by
at this station
and take a picture
or two.
Now the winters
are waning down
I have not been able to
get off the train
at this station
to soak in
the beauty of this lake,
to be lost
for a while
in its charm.
Every time I pass this station
I say to myself,
for I am always eager/rushing
to reach back home,
well aware
that you must be waiting
for me.

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Valentine Day

I read somewhere, 'Each day is a valentine, if you want it to'. In simpler terms this perhaps meant; each day can be a valentine, if you think it that way. Today's morning, its nice sunshine, no wind and temperature's on the plus side; surely a day you wont hesitate in calling a 'Valentine Day' :)