Thursday, December 30, 2004

Spring 2004

Anshul's trip to cicninnati Posted by Hello

This one is from Anshul's trip to Cincinnati during last spring. I think this was my maiden trip to Newport. I remember I was still with the Residents Hall during those days and since it was vacation times, busy doing 40 hrs of job. Anshul was as always 'kutto type', he still is. My plans to going to Maryland have not materialized yet, may be coming spring.
Talks with Chul over phone have offlate become sparse, I busy with one thing or the other and he with his job hunt. Hopefully he'll get a job soon.
Talking about Anshul, 28th was Qu's b'day. Anshul as usual used the occasion, the way we say it "Quuuyaami ki bahut li". Well me to was not behind. But Qu never minds, he doesnt have one you see :)).

Saturday, December 18, 2004

First Snow

December 13th, '04
Cincinnati is experiencing the first snows of the winter since yesterday. There is a shade of white intermittent all over the greens making me realize that there's still some greenery left. The green appears to be more glowing, may be I never noticed before. May its the final glow before a give up. As the color of peace continues to take over and the wind continues to grow chilling and menacing, the trees are shedding their final leaves. A brief spell of sunlight, as the sun struggles its way way amongst the clouds to have a look at the earth, results in a wonder only mother nature is capable of. Its beauty beyond words, wonder how nature can lend beauty to a setting as artificial as this; a man made jungle of concrete with conciously laid down grass and trees. And then, just like every miracle, this one too lasts for a moment, the sun hides again and we are back to reality. The snow continues and a tinge of sad gloom prevails over the campus.

December 14th, '04
Seems like it has snowed the whole night. The white which was only intermittent a day before is now starting to dominate the green finally signalling the arrival of yet another winter. I have taken out my winter jacket and so have others. Who wants to take the warth of winter's fury. Like it or not, the time has come to welcome the winter, grateful that it delayed its arrival.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Complete Strangers

What prevents you from being happy
With my happiness
I know you are human
But its easy to be god sometimes
God and good
Too much to ask for
Ain't I human myself
A bad one too
But lets overcome
Good, bad
Lets be free of it
You be you and me myself
And no likings
For you and your deeds
No dislikes either
Pure and without feelings
How I wish it could have been easy
Just like that
To be complete strangers.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shine on me

Shine a light on me
It's been quite some time
Digging deeper and deeper
and all one sees
Dark and gloom
Know what
This wont be happening
Without you
So shine a light on me
Jungles and jungles
to bring down
And a few ghosts to bury
While the train whistles past
Somewhere away
Dont let the moment slip by
Just like that
Shine a light on me
Before your fire dies
Leaving you to cry
Like me
Why waste my tears
When you can hear
My distant shouts
Come now
My saviour, lead me
Wont you shine a light on me

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rights & Wrongs : If There's Ever Anything Like That

Rights Became Wrong
Minutes Kept Wasting
Over The Phone
And The Sweet Home
We Built
Blew In The Storm
One Night
When Dreams Got Over
The Other Morning
Woke Up And Realized
Rights Were Rights
Wrongs Were Wrong
All The Same
Nothing Changed
Me & You

Monday, October 11, 2004


Scribbing A Few Notes
Trying To Think
The Writting Reflects
My Mind
I Bend Forward
On My Table
Swing The Chair
Wandering Again
Pain, Agitation
Heart Consoles
Time To Move On
Leave Imagination
Calm Down
Get On With The Work

Heaven - Salvation - Destination ------ Illusion

I'm Going To Heaven
Troubled At Twenty Seven
Nothing Is Concrete
& All Things Must Pass
With My Blurred Visions Intact
Take Care Of Them
If You Can
Or Just Leave
As I'm
In Course Of Time
They'll Be Another Man's Dream
For Now Let Me Go
Dont Make Me Late
For My Salvation
Going To My Destination
I Was Mistaken
By Illusions
So I Leave
And If You Think Otherwise
Correct Me
If I'm Wrong
If I Return
Empty As I Am
From My Heaven

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Strange Times

Strange times indeed. Just like the theme of the Moody Blue's album by the same name. At a time when I should rather be worried about whether my preparation for the qualifiers is going on as per my plans or not, I'm suffering from my usual attacks of nostalgia.
Thursdays have become a routine. Come to the Annie law's lab, pass some time checking mails and latest Chelsea news and then day dream 'googling' (thats a new word that I have coined for continuous searching on google) on the Himalayas, a search which I know is beyond these virtual html pages.
Offlate BIT and associated things have also become a part of my 'googling' stuff. Many a times the information that I found while surfing over BIT leaves me amazed. Other day came across the web page of a senior of ours, name was Hema if I'm not wrong. She had so many publications on her name and yes a very good research associated too. Made me real happy to see a fellow BITian scaling greater heights and making all of us proud with his/her achievements.
Listening to Strange Times and my mind continues to wander more or less thinking on the very lines the moodies sing

What do we need
What do we hunger for
Who holds the secrets,
who will know

And yes strange times cos I continue to look back at years gone by when perhaps I should be looking more at the future. I havent stopped feeling young altogether but as i said just a few hallucinations, illusions might be the right word.

Thursday, September 30, 2004


As The Blues Took Over Me
I Laid Down
Waiting For Someone To Caress Me
To Touch Those Strings
And Play The Music
To Which The Moon Dances Slowly
In Its Silvery Light
And The Ocean Sings The Song
With The Breeze Whistling Along

I Long For Someone
To Pick Me Up In His Arms
And As His Fingers Kiss Me Gently
A Song Is Born
Deep From The Heart
Which For The Ages
People Remember