Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some thoughts

  • Just read that Govt has decided to shift and restrict the telecast of two crappy reality TV shows. I have not myself watched these shows but I guess there's no need to watch these shows to form an opinion. I wonder why government just restricted itself to these two shows, I guess there are all these crap shows on MTV (Roadies, Ghodies, SplitKhopdies, and so on) which should be treated the same way.
  • With all the hype created over 'Sheila Ki Jawani' it was no wonder that it turns out to be another bummer, as expected the music is nothing to talk about and so is the case with the way it is filmed.
  • News of Ashish Kumar and Virdhawal Khade's achievement filled my heart with great pleasure. Great going lads, we are proud of you.
  • Each and everyone should watch the trailer of 'Khuda Kasam', its funny in a unique way.
  • Looking forward to release of Notion Ink's ADAM 'a tablet thats more than a tablet' :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Death of a Poem

Lost before conception,
she knew
it was time's fault;
and her creator's,
for he kept thinking
of those dreamy lands,
of magic moments
and love fountains.
In his mind
he was by the ocean
passing night in seclusion
in someone else's arms;
she was then a mere illusion.
He thought and thought
and kept on thinking,
she fought
but for a lost cause
cos' it was never upto her.
It was he, with whom rested
every authority and reason
power to take a decision.
The irony was,
it wasn't she
who started it all,
it was entirely his call.
And now
here she is
dying in neglect
her creator
is her perpetrator
leaving her
to a sad death

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drawing Conclusions

Who was to know better
what's in my heart
than me.
Distances apart
and connected by a wire
how were you to see
what colors I paint my emotions in;
harsh and judgmental,
it was ought to be
for there's only this much
that one can see,
when one feels
and knows
only this much
about the other.
So its easy to draw conclusions
paint your own way
others emotions.

It takes time to understand the other;
perhaps one never achieves it
we didn't even spend days
beyond those
that can be counted on fingers

to conclude
what I was
I was not.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Kid on The Block

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flowers in The Window

Both me and Richa are fond of flowers. We have an unwritten rule of buying a new plant every month and we have been following this rule in some sense, ever since Richa moved to Denmark. Flowers add a lot of colour to the house and the life of its inhabitants. At times, as I watch Richa watering them and caring for their needs of light and air, they appear to me as children who bring immense joy and pleasure to ones life. Amongst various other feelings, I always derive a lot of peace and happiness from the flowers in our house. A sense of contentment prevails over me when I watch a new flower blooming or a new leave developing. It was always my plan to have some plants and flowers in the home, but they never materialized till I got married. Its good to see that my wife shares the same passion for flowers, although that was an easy guess to make; you wont find many girls who do not like flowers. Richa is much more vocal in showing her happiness and joy and her appreciation and love for the flowers is more obvious than mine. It makes me even more glad when she talks enthusiastically about the new developments in our plants which are often brought to my notice by her. And every time she is doing that, a Ruskin Bond line rings through my head.

There's a Begonia in her cheeks,
pink as the flush of early dawn,
on Sikkim's peaks.

Here's to the flowers in the house; for making us happy and cheerful, and strengthening further our belief in life and all that's good and god.

Cala Lily Black

Yellow Rose



Pink Begonia

Cala Lily Yellow

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Musings of a Vagrant Mind


खिड़की के एक कोने से, ढलते सूरजों को आँखों में उतारना
फिर रातों में अकेले चलते, सपनों सा बहा देना

Persevering Futility

सोच के सायों के पर, गिर गिरके फडफडआते हैं
जो बात नहीं उस बात को ही, बस दोहराते जाते हैं

Familiarizing Unfamiliar

जानी पहचानी गलियों में, ठहरे आके मौसम अनजान
हाथ बढाकर हाथ मिलाएं, बिन चेहरों के कुछ इंसान


सुई चुभाकर, फव्वारों सा, हर दिल हाल हवा करते हैं
बहते पानी में खींच लकीरें, तस्वीरों में पल भरते हैं


क्या मलाल दिल को, किस सूरज की आरज़ू
किन ख्वाबों की ये चुभन, ये खलिश, ये जुस्तजू


चले गए जो सपने थे
साथ रहे, वो अपने थे

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mons Klint (On Yet Another Saturday)

Easter vacations provided us a chance to visit the beautiful limestone cliffs at Mons called Mons Klint in Danish. I would say the trip was possible thanks to Raghavendra having Vestas car on rental, else its not that easy to reach this place. We also picked up Murli and Poonam for this trip and six of us had great time in Mons which was also due to brilliant weather on that particular day. With Mons Klint trip, I guess my share of Sjaelland sightseeing is over; high time to explore other parts of the country :)

More info on Mons can be obtained at

Monday, April 12, 2010

तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है (Tu Apne Dil Ko Kyon Thaamta Hai)

किसी के दिल की कौन जानता है
तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है

तेरा दिल बना है आसमा के लिए
आसमा से भी ऊंचे जहां के लिए

उड़ानों की मंजिल कौन जानता है
तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है

तेरी भी सुन लेंगे कभी यह लोग
जो भी सुनें तो क्या है सोग

हर्फो के आशय नहीं हर कोई जानता है
तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है

हर बुलंदी से ऊंची है आवाज़ तेरी
फलक चीर देगी परवाज़ तेरी

क्यों काबिलियत को अपनी गुनाह मानता है
तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है

कभी वो भी मंज़र आँखों से चार होगा
कभी रूबरू कोई जांनिसार होगा

इंतज़ार का अंजाम यूँ भी कौन जानता है
तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है

जो हाथ नहीं तेरे, है नहीं वो किस्मत
जो तुझको नहीं हासिल, ख़ाक है वोह जन्नत

किस्मत के दम पर जीने में क्या महानता है
तू अपने दिल को क्यों थामता है



Kisi ke dil ki kaun jaanta hai
Tu apne dil ko kyun thaamta hai

Tera dil bana hai aasmaa ke liye
Aasmaa se bhi oonche jahaan ke liye

Udaano ki manzil kaun jaanta hain
Tu apne dil ko kyon thaamta hai

Teri bhi sun lenge kabhi yeh log
Jo na bhi sune to kya hai shog

Harfo ke aashay nahi har koi jaanta hai
Tu apne dil ko kyon thaamta hai

Har bulundi se oonchi hai aawaaz teri
Falak cheer degi parwaaz teri

Kyon kaabiliyat ko gunaah maanta hai
Tu apne dil ko kyon thaamta hai

Kabhi woh bhi manjar aankhon se char hoga
Kabhi rubaru koi jaannissar hoga

Intezaar ka anjaam yun bhi kaun jaanta hai,
Tu apne Dil ko kyon thaamta hai

Jo haath nahi tere, hai nahi woh kismat
Jo tujhko nahi haasil, khaak hai woh jannat

Kismat ke dum par jeene mein kya mahanta hai
Tu apne dil ko kyon thaamta hai

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Around the Marble Church (On a fine Saturday)

The Mendak

Round Tower

Marble Church

Opera House


Atop the Marble Church

View of Amalienborg (Queen's Palace) and Opera House from the top of Marble Church

Dome of Russian Church from top of Marble Church

View from the dome of Marble Church

Spiral Staircase of Church of Our Saviour

One more view from the top

Oresund Bridge


Statue of Frederick V

Yet Another View

Kobenhavn (I mean Copenhagen) City View from the Marble Church

Inside the Marble Church

The dome from Inside

The Beautiful Chapel of the Marble Church

These pictures are from our last week trip in the town. It was, I suppose, the first sunny day of the spring (I mean first sunny day on a March weekend with plus temperatures) and I took Richa around for some local sightseeing. We went around Nyhavn and then all the way to the Marble Church, where we found out that they have guided tours to the dome of the church on Weekends at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Since we were there right in time and since it wasn't very costly (DKK 25 or around USD 5), we took the tour and it indeed turned out to be good fun. It was bit scary in parts as almost the whole climb was through a narrow and steep passage, with just enough space for one person to move at a time. Those afraid of confined spaces (like Richa) will probably find it bit spooky :) Once atop though, you are presented with a fabulous view of the city of Copenhagen and far off (to Sweeden and Malmo). Several of city's important buildings can be seen from the top. This of course provides one with a chance to impress one's better half with one's general know how about the city (that's no way saying that your better half will be impressed; its just that you have a chance of impressing her). All in all, a really nice local attraction. The church in itself is very beautiful and its one of my favorites in Copenhagen. The last picture in this entry is my favorite :)