Monday, November 27, 2006

Remembering Satyendra Dubey

Na mujhko yaad rakhna, na mera kaam yaad rakhna, bas itni dua hai, ki paigam yaad rakhna
Don’t remember me or my work, just one request, remember my message.

In 2003, Dubey, a 31-year-old project director with the National Highways Authority of India, was shot dead near the Circuit House in Gaya after he exposed deep-rooted corruption in construction of the Golden Quadrilateral Project.
Lets remember the true son of the soil, on his third death anniversary and gather courage to fight against corruption and injustice.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

On a Stone Raft I float

Ever since I started reading, I mean consciously, i made it a habit that for every book I read, I'll make a note of all the lines I liked in that particular book. I did the same this time while reading the brilliant "The Stone Raft" by Jose Saramago. Written originally in portugese, The Stone Raft is a book that was so different from the works of the various Nobel laureates I have read so far. Devoid on any complexities, the beauty of this book lies in the fact that it is simple and yet so deep. As an indication of what this book is about, I would say this belongs to the same genre as Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. And that brings another point, its ironical that I have to use Coelho as a reference to introduce Saramago when it should be the other way round.
Anyways I am neither a critic nor a reviewer, the purpose of this blog entry is to put down the brilliant lines that I came across while reading the book. I enjoyed them thoroughly and hope everyone else would feel the same.

Tourists who are out and about early are like this, at heart troubled and restless, unable to accept life’s inescapable brevity, late to bed and early to rise does not make one healthy, but it does prolong life.

For something to exist there are two essential conditions, that a man should see it and that he be able to give it a name.

Bad examples have always prospered and borne more fruit than good advice, and who can tell by what rapid means bad example is transmitted.

In the various arts, and above all in that of writing, the shortest distance between two points, even if close to each other, has never been and never will be, nor is it now, what is known as a straight line, never, never, to put it strongly and emphatically in response to any doubts, to silence them once and for all.

Cowardice is worse than an octopus, an octopus can both contract and extend its arms, cowardice can only contract them.

There are people who do not believe in coincidences, when one is constantly discovering coincidences in the world and is beginning to wonder if coincidences are not the very logic of this world.

Clarity and obscurity cast the same shadow and light, obscurity is clear, clarity is obscure, and as for someone being able to say factually and precisely what he feels and thinks, don’t you believe it, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he cannot.

To be jealous of what only appears to exist is a waste of effort.

Priorities of past should not be allowed to hinder the future.

Why bother discussing the reasons, sometimes one is enough, at other times not even lumping them all together will do it, if your own lives haven’t taught you this, too bad for you, and I repeat, lives not life, for we all have several, and fortunately they kill each other off, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to survive.

What count is the moment, we only serve the moment, and moments give us no warning when they’re coming.

A journey only makes sense if you finish it.

Reaching a decision means saying yes or no, the merest whisper on one’s lips, the difficulties come later when one puts the decision into practice, as we learn from human experience, gained with time and patience, with few hopes and even fewer changes.

Wars are like disasters, they never come singly, the first is a trial run to test the ground, the second to improve performance, the third to secure victory, each of them being, according to where you start counting, third, second, and first.

We often hallucinate when we dearly want something, our wise body takes pity on us, simulates within itself the satisfaction of oure desires, that is what dreaming means, If it weren’t so, how we could ever bear this intolerable life.

Real love means keeping no secrets from one’s beloved, the worst comes later when the romance is over and the lover who has confided his secrets regrets having spoken while the beloved abuses his confidence.

Nature is masterly when it comes to composing spectacles attuned to human circumstances.

The potential harmony of things depends on their equilibrium and the time when they occur, not too soon, not too late, which explains why it is so difficult for us to attain perfection.

Men also weep, its nothing to be ashamed of, and weeping only does them good.

Anyone who knows anything about words knows to expect anything from them.

While there’s life, there’s hope, so do not despair.

Governments are only capable and effective at times when there is no real need to put their ability and effectiveness to test.

Each of us sees the world with the eyes he possess, and eyes see what they choose to see, eyes create the world’s diversity and fabricate its wonders.

Dying for the sake of dying is preferable to dying of hunger or some malignant disease.

Courage and fear are the two pans on the scale that oscillate while the pointer remains still, paralyzed by the amazement at the useless invention of emotions and feelings.

Despair, as we all know, is human, there is no evidence in natural history that animals despair. Yet man, inseparable from despair, has become accustomed to living with it, endures it to its extremes.

In moments of crisis indulging the flesh is what best serves the deeper interests of humanity and of human beings, both habitually harassed as they are by morality.

Journeys succeed each other and accumulate like generations, between the grandson you were and the grandfather you will be, what father will you have been. Therefore a journey, however futile, is necessary.

For the strong to brag about their strength in the presence of the weak is a sign of moral perversion.

We all end up where we want to be, its only a question of time and patience, the hare goes faster than the tortoise, perhaps it will arrive first, so long as it does not cross the path of the hunter and his shotgun.

The world is full of coincidences, and if one thing does not coincide with another that happens to be close to it, that is no reason for denying coincidences, all it means is that what is coinciding is not visible.

The wounds of the soul are deep, otherwise they would not be of the soul.

Your questions are false if you already know the answer.

We are probably incapable of filling emptiness, and what we call meaning is no more than a fleeting collection of images that once seemed harmonious, images on which the intelligence tried in panic to introduce reason, order, coherence.

Words become inadequate as we get closer to the frontiers of the inexpressible, we try to say love and the word will not come out, we try to say I want and we say I cannot, we try to utter the final word only to realize that we have gone back to the beginning.

There comes a time when pride has nothing but words.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Justice Done :)

So finally the sentence all waited for. Santosh Kumar Singh to be hanged till death. Without being sentimental or emotional, I am happy, more so optimistic, hopefully this will set a precendent for such criminals to be brought to justice.
For the CBI folks, delayed but all in all a job well done. And for the judiciary, they proved that "Satyameva Jayate" just arent mere words.
Once again congrats to Justice For Priyadarshani, Indu Jalali and The media.,000600010001.htm

Friday, October 27, 2006

The One You Dont Seem To Notice

Somebody walks on the empty stairs
Wakes up in the lonely nights
Sleeps inside the closet
& may be even calls
once in a while,
whose sound is that
which echoes
in the heat of the summer
Words unspoken, unheard
hanging in the air
waiting to dry and drop down.
Whose words are these?
Isnt someone standing
soaked in the poaring rain
drenched in a thick veil of memories
and mist.
If its not the body
what's going numb
in the winter's snow.
Hungry eyes are staring
fingers waiting eternally for a touch,
There's someone in here,
never ceasing to rest
always floating in the arid humidity,
Who is that
The one you dont seem to notice.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Diwali My Dear

Hope you are doing really well. This is more of a ritual but a heartfelt one. As always, Wish you happiness, peace and prosperity this diwali, let there always be love and laughter in your life.
Take good care of yourself and keep smiling :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Priyadarshani's Killer Convicted

Finally some justice done. Goes against my nature but wont mind a death penalty for the guilty. Congrats to Justice For Priyadarshani and Indu Jalali, you people have done a great deed and are inspiration for us all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hail The Words - continues

With Trees - Korpiklaani

A gem from the Finnish Folk Metal band "Korpiklaani",

Far, far away and where the wind freezes your face
There you won't be alone
I would rather be with trees, than in the middle of noisy streets

And many of us will keep dreaming of being with the Trees, sitting inside our nests in these jungles of concrete.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hail the words

and Hail the music.

For a long time I wanted to write a bit about my favourite songs or to put it more appropriately my favourite lines (from a song). I even created a separate blog for that just that after adding the brilliant "I feel just like a child" by Devendra Banhart, I never updated it.
Today I added the second to that list, the dark and gloomy "Peace, Love and Understanding" by A Perfect Circle. Nice emoish song, to sit and enjoy the melancholic times.

The lyrics can be accessed anywhere on the web or through my entry at Blueguitar's Music Zone.

I will try to update this more regularily and also put my thought about why i liked it. Of course with the permission of Time.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


You claim

The words can win the world
and that
The pen is mightier than the sword.
You are good at words,
but enough of your talks.
Lets give up the words
and do some work.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

So is that all you wanted.
A road less travelled,
Knowledge of life
and all thats before and after,
freedom from sorrows and laughter.
Independence from time,
A thinking Mind,
Moksha and Nirvana,
Karma and Penance,
Self-denial and no self-indulgence.

Now when the maze has finally caught up,
Do you see the exit.
Or in the tangled web
you're still searching for the light.

It's hard to say how far you are,
but there's always a road back.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mumbai Blasts

This one is for GUNS, wrote them long back but thought I should share them. Pardon my english for all the grammer mistakes :)

Day before yesterday, a series of blasts ripped through the city of Mumbai. I read the news only in the afternoon (about six hours after the event) and initial reaction was to call Tushar. Tushar lived and commuted on the same train route where the blasts have taken place. My efforts to establish any sort of immediate contacts with him by means of phone were in vain as understandably the lines were busy. So I mailed the college Yahoo group and also mailed Tushar. I further mailed the other friends in Mumbai to enquire if they are safe and sound. In the time that followed this process of enquiry and concern was applied to people here in Cincinnati hailing from Mumbai. After this initial reaction of concern and associated activities, I realized something. Was I attached to this tragedy, was I a part of it, was I even feeling the way I should.

This wasn’t an event that required ones attention for an hour or two, like an accident where you panic; you try to get in touch with your near and dear ones. Once you’ve made sure that everyone is fine, you take a sigh of relief and then for get the accident as a bad dream. After all, essentially none that you were concerned with are affected.

But Mumbai blasts are not accident, they are a serious threat to my country, my fellow countrymen and when I think deeper, it’s a threat to me. Mumbai blasts are not accident, they are a well thought of plan to disrupt harmony and peace of me and my country.

Sadly though, these thoughts never occurred to me. I made sure that all those I knew are fine and got back to my work. Now that I think, this is what I feel these terrorists bank on. They realize that most people will forget these things like I did and most of us end up doing just that. We forget too soon, too easily, go back to the state of slumber we always were, only to wake up when these terror merchants carry their business again. We are again hurt the same way, but we continue the way we live, a life ridden by forgetfulness. And perhaps that’s the way the government deals with these situations. That’s why I don’t blame them; after all they have been bitten by the same bug as me. None of us think deep, none of us care for people beyond our sphere of known.

So far away from my country, I have to force myself to think all this. Sad but true. I know I would have done nothing if I was in India, but I might have been inclined to these thoughts naturally. Alas now I am forcing myself, I’m on the look for people to discuss my thoughts, my anguish, my helplessness. Alas.

Worse is the realization that even after giving time to this, I’m not able to come up with any single point that I can suggest to counter such events and activities. We don’t even know who the real culprit is? Is it Pakistan, is it the global Islamic terrorists, is it the POK based groups, the religion-based fundamentalists or the local terror groups.

Most newspapers are filled with an image of Mumbaikars , depicting them as those who are not jolted, praising their spirit, their courage, people who are united, so on and so forth. Irony is that its event as bad as this that unites us, makes us stand together. Everyone in college got into act when they heard the news, cursing government, terrorists, or who so ever they thought they should. We all cursed and expressed our sorrow united. Happy occasions are not sufficient to unite the people. We don’t have anything major on festive occasions in our college. Like I said, happiness is a less valued emotion. Irony, because all we ever aspire for is happiness and joy and yet those are not sufficient to unite us.

One of my friend linked all this unity and aforementioned state of emotions in the aftermath of a tragedy to the term ‘Indianess’. According to him, all of us have this subconscious Indianess buried inside us that rises on occasions like Mumbai blasts. Is this Indianess or a sudden charge of sentiments that dies so soon that it just don’t feel right to give it such a big name as Indianess. And if its really Indianess, shame on myself for it takes a terrorist attack to evoke it. Can’t I have this Indianess as a part of myself, just like my feelings for my parents, like those towards my friends. It makes me sad to realize that my Indianess is not a vital part of me. I sleep with this sad thought. I hope I wake up more clear in head, more Indian in heart.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Moon Tonight

As the sun set to my right
A moon rose up by my side
Feverish yellow
Nose dripping and tears running down the cheek.
Go my dear
Why feel so blue.
Take some rest behind the clouds
Dont worry
I'll be awake
to take care of the night.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two Sides

Saw the two sides

A ripple in the still lake
Stream on the hill slope

Diluting shadow in the water beneath the feet
A warm day passing by a deserted town

The orange of the setting sun
Turquoise of the morning

Red, when the blood was
Blue as its now

Time is an illusion
No walls and windows

Time's a cycle
Prison for the thoughts

Saw the two sides.

Image Courtsey :

Thursday, August 31, 2006

When will I wake up and stray

Pardon me if I stray
but you left midway.
Time will ask its questions.
Should I then stop,
to stand as a victim of guilt?
Will you witness the ordeal
or will you care to care less.

Night after night
a dream loops,
I keep asking the same questions.
Who knows when will I wake up
and stray.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

For You Dear Sister


Yesterday a permission,
Today a permission,

Hey there, crow!
Why sit in our tree?

Big brother is coming.
Some are left for him to taste.

Clap, clap, clap -
Shoo, shoo!

This simple yet beautiful piece of poetry by the Korean poet Chong Chi-yong, describes brilliantly your feelings. This Rakshabandhan, its your Rakhi and this poem, that makes me realize how much you love me and how much I mean to you. I might not be able to convey my feelings the way you do, but I know that you understand me anyway.

Wishing you a very happy Rakshabandhan my dear sis and may the love we share grow stronger every passing day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

For The Fallen Stars

There goes a falling star
so you better make a wish,
If you dont, I hope you know
what you're going to miss.


I know I'll go one day
to collect the fallen stars,
I know I will find a few
right over the marsh.

Few of them had fallen in the lake
so I'll take my fishing net,
fishes might have eaten them
but in case if there's any left.

Those who got stuck in the trees
often give a howling cry,
Might be that their light is being
stolen by the fireflies.

I wonder where the moon is
on these moonless nights,
May be searching for his friends
that fell from the sky.

I often wonder who kicked them out
or is it that they cut their wings,
Who knows what the answer is
Who knows why they are falling.

May be they are not young enough
to fly high in the sky,
May be its the death that pushes them
down to fall and die.

On the gentle winds I sleep
I'll wake up and leave tomorrow,
To collect all the fallen stars
and drive away their sorrow.


There goes a falling star
so you better make a wish,
If you dont, I hope you know
what you're going to miss.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lets observe Vijay Divas

In memory of the brave soldiers who laid their life for our Motherland.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BIT2K Reunion - Pittsburgh, 25th June 2006

6 years is a long time, but this reunion it never felt like so.
Have to say a moment to remember :)
Here's the day as it passed.

On the way to Pittsburgh, at the Pennsylvania State border. Early morning 7:00 AM.
Thats Rishi with me, 5 years on he resembles Anurag Verma 'Thakela'; of course minus the mooche ;)

Urs truly in a striking pose with authentic fake smile :)

Boom Boom Bang, 10 minutes into the game and Germany is already 2-0 up with the game as good as over. Time to move, everyone is damn hungry after the nights drive. Here we are at the Udipi, Avinash and Utti in front, Rishi in his typical Thakela mode (Did u notice the way he rests his chin on his hand; the typical ever-so-thoughtful pose). sumit singhal is chewing his nails, he is good at chewing other things as well. Description abt others in the party to follow.

Chul, Sips and Surd in front.

Singhal trying the AV pose, give it up man, that pose is Rishi's copyright.

Sardar aur uske funde.

Utti came from his galfrds house after watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and is still having a SRK hangover ("I luv U, BBBBBBB BITIANS"). I thought after a solid meal at Udipi, Nagarjuna style (even better if Ballaya style) wld have made more sense.

Utti and Sardar in front of the famous Pittsburgh Temple.

Banana Brothers, Thats sardar grinning on seeing the banana, u can call that the Banana Effect.

Anupam 'oori saala' Choubey in his Rajnikanth get up.

Chulbaaz trying his hand on 'Oori Saala' style. But thrs no comparison, Chobs the man when it comes to black goggles.

With a cigerrate in his hand, sardar finally felt like a man,
Before that what he was feeling like is anybody's guess.

Dewani and Sardar,
BTW stripes was in for the day.

U either get 'STRIPPED' or u wear BLUE

Relak-singh at the Starbucks; myself doing matthapacchi with sardar.

Sumit trying a new pissed-off look.


So who is the bigger Chaman

Dono takkar ke hain, C how happy they are to be called Chaman.

On the way to the riverfront.

Miya, Biwi aur Sardar

Chaddidhaari 'Men in Blue'

2 S

Thats 2 Ses getting cosy ;)

At the riverfront

Here's everone taking everyone else's, I mean Photograph

An evening on river Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. Sips

Utti, (dont u think a M in front of Utti wld have made it better ;)

Thats the way Anurag Verma Sir was in his jawani...

A Surd with a broken tooth (Last heard, that broken tooth is the result of one of the several belans Sardar has dealt with after marriage)

A beautiful evening.

Notice the striking similarity in the pose, Now thats what we call a well reharsed pose.

Singhal & Rishi

Here's once again 'Chin-on-hand' pose of the one and only Rishi 'Anurag' Verma.
Finally Sips gets some time away frm Mrs. Sips. She normally doesnt like when Sips shares the frame with others.

And finally we have the initiator of the whole idea, Sumit Singhal, the future CEO and owner of Siemens.

BTW for those who thought that Geet Talkies case is over, here's Chulbaaz being interrogated by Pittsburgh Police; Chulbaaz is the real International Khiladi.

And it required a lot of effort from Rishi (bechara kitna thak gaya tha is ke chalte) and Choubey and his goggles (that chul was wearing) that saved Chul from being roughed up by the police.

Chobs with Surd

As the beautiful evening was nearing its end, we decided to call Tikki. Vishal 'Tikki' Jaiswal was in Oregon and it doesnt seem like he has changed much. BTW he got married, which is good sign for all the bachelors in the batch (whtever lil' are left), for if Tikks can get married anyone can ;)

Pittsburgh Downtown from Mt. Washington

Once more

Myself, Sardar and Chul

That's earlier from the day.
Utti's SRK pose continue and Dewani looks bemused.

No Comments

Let's Dance baby.

That was Chob's obsession of the day.
'Oori saala, kya kutto type kutta hai'

Pittsburgh downtown from Choubey's Camera, waise isme Camera ka koi dosh nahi hai, Chobs was trying his hand on modern photography.

That's Singhal with the killer pose.

Now some group pics...

One more

Yet Another one

And one more


Well one more

And here's bringing the house down.

This BIT Reunion was a great experience to say the least, I'm sure everyone took back with them some nice memories and of course refreshed some of the most beautiful moments of the past.
Here's to BIT and BITians,
Hip Hip Hooray