Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Days

Some days are like that
Some days like this;
Some days are insane
filled with
agony and pain.
Some days,
I am with you
and I speak of
all things true;
Some days,
my lies prevail
I tell all lies
nothing else.

Some days rush by my side,
Some days hard to pass by;
Some days lie lazily around
for eternity
without a sound.
Some days,
we make it to each other
holding hands
enjoying life, being together;
Some days,
you are near, yet so far
from the corner of your eyes
I depart.

Some days end before they start,
Some days have no nights to worry;
Some days everything seems alright
even darkness of sad
gloom and plight.
Some days,
you get things your way
I may disagree
but then its your day;
Some days,
you might sound so sensible
yet there's no sense in what you say
for its my day.

Some days die young,
Some days are never born;
Some days gradually old
like the stories
often told.
Some days,
You and I
feel the divinity
lying beside;
Some days,
lost in the self
we just
let them pass by.

Some days are some days,
Some days are more than that;
Some days sing songs of melancholy
of times and faces
cute and jolly.
Some days,
entangled in your maze
I wander aimlessly
under your gaze;
Some days,
just wonder
why don't you let me be
lost forever.

Some days don't listen to you,
some days don't listen to me either;
some days carry on with their songs
with no bother or care
for our grouses and mourns.
Some days,
they never come back
not much you can do
except sit back and relax;
Some days,
haunt forever
thought I had shrugged them off
and yet they still hover.

Some days
still echo
their laughter in the corridor
effervescent, lively,
gentle and soft;
Some days
cast their shadow
long after the sun has set
pale and feeble,
sad, entrapped.
Some days,
are some days
others are you and I,
some days
we passed together
and others that never came by;
Some days
of yours
got intermingled with mine,
some days
of ours
are now buried with time.

I am wondering...

Who are we
but a name and a face
or perhaps
just a figment of some days.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The MPP (Mango, Pineapple, Papaya) Shake

Well, for those who are interested, this is MPP shake, that's Mango, Pineapple, Papaya Shake.

Recipe is simple, with emphasis on making the same quickly :)

  • - Mango, Papaya and Pineapple in equal proportions.
  • - 3/5th glass of milk.
  • - Rest 2/5th with fruits.
  • - Sugar as per taste.
  • - Whip Cream (Optional Decoration).

MPP Shake can be tried with a bit of Vanila IceCream, if you like it :)

Have Fun.