Sunday, November 29, 2009

मैं (एक अलग अंदाज़)

सच बोल सकें हम, इतनी हिम्मत ही कहाँ थी
इसीलिए तो छुपाए फिरते हैं हम शख्सियत अपनी

यूं तो फरेब था नही फितरत में हमारी
वो बात और है, नियत ही कम्बख्त थी अपनी

अब कैसे करें सलाम, लगें बढ़ के गले हम
कुछ बढ़प्पन है आपका, कुछ शरमिंदगी अपनी

तुम तो हो नूर--खुदाई, हम स्याह के कायल
हो दिन तुम्हे मुबारक मगर रात है अपनी

हम को था इल्म इस खेल में किसकी होगी जीत
अच्छे तो तुम थे ही फखत किस्मत भी बुरी थी अपनी

तुमने जब माफ़ कर ही दिया खता को हमारी
फ़िर क्यों लें इलज़ाम और कहें की खता थी अपनी

हम तो जाएंगे जहन्नम में सनम
तुमको हो मुबारक वो जन्नत जो नसीब थी अपनी

बेमुरव्वत है यह ज़िन्दगी की अब भी जिए जा रहे हैं
हाँ इतना जरूर है, है जीना शौक़ और मजबूरी अपनी

ऐसा तो कुछ ख़ास नही है हम में मगर
जाने क्यों सदा चलती आई है अपनी

मैं नही कहता ये तो फरमाया है 'दाग' ने
सबसे तुम अच्छे हो, तुमसे भी मगर अच्छी है किस्मत अपनी


Friday, November 27, 2009

Hide and Seek

Dear Moon,
let's play a game tonight,
hiding behind
these clouds
that accompany you
in the sky
and I,
looking for you
all through the night.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Eve of a New Tomorrow

As we walk into a new tomorrow
with a hope for a better future,
I stand for a while
to look at the past
that still cast shadows
but perhaps wont last
as there's a sun
that's shining bright
and there's plenty more
to the life
than being near the window sill
and drowning in the moonlit night.

Following lines from Jose Saramago's 'The Stone Raft' form the inspiration of this poem.

Priorities of past should not be allowed to hinder the future.

While there’s life, there’s hope, so do not despair.

And though the above mentioned lines form the core of this poem, I still leave the question open; "Is it really possible to wipe off the past"?


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Mithun Dance Numbers

Well, I wanted to write about something else but I guess its time for the long delayed Mithun Da tribute :) Here are some of my favourite Mithun Da numbers in no particular order. I have included only one number from one movie so lots of obvious and glaring exclusions, but I guess that leaves something for discussion through the comments ;)

Gunmaster G9 (Suraksha)

OK, I said that I wont include two songs of a movie but I will start with an exception, two songs of this iconic movie, one for its sheer Mithunness and the other for the fact that it remains one of my favourite Mithun Da dance number. This one is the first, brilliant opening credits for the movie that started it all for Mithun Da.

Ae O Aa (Disco Dancer)

Every song in Disco Dancer was fabulous but this one remains my fav, a perfect launch song for a budding disco star and sets the tone of the movie nicely.

Tum Jo Bhi Ho (Suraksha)

Second song from the movie that started it all. Though earlier 'Gunmaster G9' opening credit song, with its Bond-like style, is more famous; this one showcases Mithun Da's dancing abilities better :)

Title Song (Taqdeer Ka Baadshah)

Great Intro to this disco funk number crooned in his typical voice by Bappi Da. Watch out for Mithun Da's iconic moves, which I think were the only good thing in this otherwise ordinary movie.

Tonite (Dilwala)

This song typifies Mithun Da's dancing. Silly lyrics but nice tune; Bappi Da must have copied it from somewhere ;)

Yaee Yaee Yahaa Or Whatever it is called :)(Pyar Ka Mandir)

Crap song, I mean really crap song but Mithun Da's dance is awesome although his costumes aren't :)

Vaada Hai Kya(Taxi Chor)

Not a disco number or dance number as such, in fact this one is a really nice romantic number. Mithun Da's steps make it even better :)

Ek Hasina ki Nigahon Ka (Yaadon Ki Kasam)

Again not a Disco number, yet a nice number; kinda sounds like those Altaf Raza numbers ;) On a serious note, Mithun Da shows that he is just too good when it comes to shaking a few legs, give him beats and he wont fail you :)

Julie Julie (Jeete Hain Shaan Se)

One of the bigger hits of its times. Mithun songs had a formula to them, catchy tune, crappy lyrics, crappy singer and typical Mithun moves. BTW this one has Anu Malik giving music and also doubling up for crooning. I think this must be one of his original numbers ;)

Kabootarbaaz(Turki ba Turki) (Waqt Ki Awaaz)

Mithun Da with Queen of Dance, Sridevi, in villain's den; Hmmmm I guess thats a good enough reason to watch the song. BTW, this movie had some nice songs, 'Ladka akela' with Mithun and Sri doing robot dance and Mithun Da's angry dancing in 'I wanna hit somebody' hmmmmmmm :)

Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jeena (Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki)

Well its a take on MJ's legendary 'Billie Jean' and I guess choreography is inspired from 'Thriller' (though not completely), but still a Mithun classic.

Tu Mujhe Jaan Se Bhi Pyara Hai (Wardaat)

Mithun Da's Classic, Ultimate song, funky sensual tune. This time he takes on John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever, in his own characteristic style :)

Banno Re (Mere Sajna Saath Nibhana)

Mithun in a desi avtaar with Shakti 'Aaaoo Lolita' Kapoor for company, need I say more :)

Mujhe Kar Gayi Hai Kangaal (Cheetah)

Iconic Mithun Da movie, nothing special about the song but just wanted to include it for the sake of the great Mithun Da movie ;)

Jeele Aha Jeele (Avinash)

Mithun Da doing Michael Jackson and Bappi Da doing 'Beat It', No Moonwalk but Mithun Da compensates for that with his own brand of Moonwalk ;)

Mera Naam Doom Doom (Commando)

Not the most popular of Commando's song, but best in terms of Mithun Da dance. Well you can also check 'Maine maine tujhe tujhe' from the same movie, which has a more catchy tune and was a big hit in late 80s.

Title Song (Karate)

Hmmmmm, this one is kinda weird song, actually pretty crappy one but for Mithun Da's great energy, just look at him, he seems to be a man possessed.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Just came across this article in Rediff and I thought I should post it here, for these efforts need to lauded and highlighted.

This one sentence sums up Manzil very well; 'Manzil has two aims which it tries to fulfill with every student. One is to help the students earn a livelihood and the other is to help them see that whatever they choose to do should have a positive effect on society'.

Here's a link to the article and the link to the NPO itself