Thursday, December 03, 2009

Last Song of a Bachelor

Dear Friends
As I embark on this new journey,
new phase
of my life,
with all your well wishes
and blessings
in my heart;
I think
I'll be a different person
when I return,
and no longer bachelor;
a changed man
I'll be
when I return
and I am sure
this change
will be for better
but for the fact
I wont be a bachelor
will I be alone;
few more days to go
I have a companion of my own.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

मैं (एक अलग अंदाज़)

सच बोल सकें हम, इतनी हिम्मत ही कहाँ थी
इसीलिए तो छुपाए फिरते हैं हम शख्सियत अपनी

यूं तो फरेब था नही फितरत में हमारी
वो बात और है, नियत ही कम्बख्त थी अपनी

अब कैसे करें सलाम, लगें बढ़ के गले हम
कुछ बढ़प्पन है आपका, कुछ शरमिंदगी अपनी

तुम तो हो नूर--खुदाई, हम स्याह के कायल
हो दिन तुम्हे मुबारक मगर रात है अपनी

हम को था इल्म इस खेल में किसकी होगी जीत
अच्छे तो तुम थे ही फखत किस्मत भी बुरी थी अपनी

तुमने जब माफ़ कर ही दिया खता को हमारी
फ़िर क्यों लें इलज़ाम और कहें की खता थी अपनी

हम तो जाएंगे जहन्नम में सनम
तुमको हो मुबारक वो जन्नत जो नसीब थी अपनी

बेमुरव्वत है यह ज़िन्दगी की अब भी जिए जा रहे हैं
हाँ इतना जरूर है, है जीना शौक़ और मजबूरी अपनी

ऐसा तो कुछ ख़ास नही है हम में मगर
जाने क्यों सदा चलती आई है अपनी

मैं नही कहता ये तो फरमाया है 'दाग' ने
सबसे तुम अच्छे हो, तुमसे भी मगर अच्छी है किस्मत अपनी


Friday, November 27, 2009

Hide and Seek

Dear Moon,
let's play a game tonight,
hiding behind
these clouds
that accompany you
in the sky
and I,
looking for you
all through the night.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Eve of a New Tomorrow

As we walk into a new tomorrow
with a hope for a better future,
I stand for a while
to look at the past
that still cast shadows
but perhaps wont last
as there's a sun
that's shining bright
and there's plenty more
to the life
than being near the window sill
and drowning in the moonlit night.

Following lines from Jose Saramago's 'The Stone Raft' form the inspiration of this poem.

Priorities of past should not be allowed to hinder the future.

While there’s life, there’s hope, so do not despair.

And though the above mentioned lines form the core of this poem, I still leave the question open; "Is it really possible to wipe off the past"?


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Mithun Dance Numbers

Well, I wanted to write about something else but I guess its time for the long delayed Mithun Da tribute :) Here are some of my favourite Mithun Da numbers in no particular order. I have included only one number from one movie so lots of obvious and glaring exclusions, but I guess that leaves something for discussion through the comments ;)

Gunmaster G9 (Suraksha)

OK, I said that I wont include two songs of a movie but I will start with an exception, two songs of this iconic movie, one for its sheer Mithunness and the other for the fact that it remains one of my favourite Mithun Da dance number. This one is the first, brilliant opening credits for the movie that started it all for Mithun Da.

Ae O Aa (Disco Dancer)

Every song in Disco Dancer was fabulous but this one remains my fav, a perfect launch song for a budding disco star and sets the tone of the movie nicely.

Tum Jo Bhi Ho (Suraksha)

Second song from the movie that started it all. Though earlier 'Gunmaster G9' opening credit song, with its Bond-like style, is more famous; this one showcases Mithun Da's dancing abilities better :)

Title Song (Taqdeer Ka Baadshah)

Great Intro to this disco funk number crooned in his typical voice by Bappi Da. Watch out for Mithun Da's iconic moves, which I think were the only good thing in this otherwise ordinary movie.

Tonite (Dilwala)

This song typifies Mithun Da's dancing. Silly lyrics but nice tune; Bappi Da must have copied it from somewhere ;)

Yaee Yaee Yahaa Or Whatever it is called :)(Pyar Ka Mandir)

Crap song, I mean really crap song but Mithun Da's dance is awesome although his costumes aren't :)

Vaada Hai Kya(Taxi Chor)

Not a disco number or dance number as such, in fact this one is a really nice romantic number. Mithun Da's steps make it even better :)

Ek Hasina ki Nigahon Ka (Yaadon Ki Kasam)

Again not a Disco number, yet a nice number; kinda sounds like those Altaf Raza numbers ;) On a serious note, Mithun Da shows that he is just too good when it comes to shaking a few legs, give him beats and he wont fail you :)

Julie Julie (Jeete Hain Shaan Se)

One of the bigger hits of its times. Mithun songs had a formula to them, catchy tune, crappy lyrics, crappy singer and typical Mithun moves. BTW this one has Anu Malik giving music and also doubling up for crooning. I think this must be one of his original numbers ;)

Kabootarbaaz(Turki ba Turki) (Waqt Ki Awaaz)

Mithun Da with Queen of Dance, Sridevi, in villain's den; Hmmmm I guess thats a good enough reason to watch the song. BTW, this movie had some nice songs, 'Ladka akela' with Mithun and Sri doing robot dance and Mithun Da's angry dancing in 'I wanna hit somebody' hmmmmmmm :)

Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jeena (Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki)

Well its a take on MJ's legendary 'Billie Jean' and I guess choreography is inspired from 'Thriller' (though not completely), but still a Mithun classic.

Tu Mujhe Jaan Se Bhi Pyara Hai (Wardaat)

Mithun Da's Classic, Ultimate song, funky sensual tune. This time he takes on John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever, in his own characteristic style :)

Banno Re (Mere Sajna Saath Nibhana)

Mithun in a desi avtaar with Shakti 'Aaaoo Lolita' Kapoor for company, need I say more :)

Mujhe Kar Gayi Hai Kangaal (Cheetah)

Iconic Mithun Da movie, nothing special about the song but just wanted to include it for the sake of the great Mithun Da movie ;)

Jeele Aha Jeele (Avinash)

Mithun Da doing Michael Jackson and Bappi Da doing 'Beat It', No Moonwalk but Mithun Da compensates for that with his own brand of Moonwalk ;)

Mera Naam Doom Doom (Commando)

Not the most popular of Commando's song, but best in terms of Mithun Da dance. Well you can also check 'Maine maine tujhe tujhe' from the same movie, which has a more catchy tune and was a big hit in late 80s.

Title Song (Karate)

Hmmmmm, this one is kinda weird song, actually pretty crappy one but for Mithun Da's great energy, just look at him, he seems to be a man possessed.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Just came across this article in Rediff and I thought I should post it here, for these efforts need to lauded and highlighted.

This one sentence sums up Manzil very well; 'Manzil has two aims which it tries to fulfill with every student. One is to help the students earn a livelihood and the other is to help them see that whatever they choose to do should have a positive effect on society'.

Here's a link to the article and the link to the NPO itself

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mixed Emotions

In a sea of mixed emotions
I swam
and memories kept floating
for a long,
long time
even the time thought of
flying for a while,
leaving me aside
amidst the sea of mixed emotions.

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As the title suggests, this poem is about having mixed emotions, in fact considerable mixed emotions. These mixed emotions are picture of one's confused state of mind, when one is not sure of one's emotions, feelings or mental state; in fact this can even be extended to behavior.

If one could peep inside the head of the protagonist, perhaps one would see a sad tumult, hear a clamorous pandemonium. The extent of this state is enormous (hence the usage of sea), so huge that even time knows nothing about its boundaries. The act of swimming indicates that the protagonist is not to be freed from this state soon, there's no immediate escape for him/her and that he/she is struggling with these mixed emotions. What's giving rise to these mixed emotions are memories which refuse to fade away and thus continue to float irrespective of time passing by.

Last few lines are indicative of the fact that how sometimes things (including one's state of mind, one's feelings and emotions) just stand still, even though physically, time continues to pass and move on.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Winter Noon Amongst Flowers

In her hat
she put a few
and then she asked
if I want them too;
In the warmth of the sun
we passed the winter noon,
she with her flowers,
I with moments that went too soon.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diwali Dishes

Kheer that took two hours

Matar Paneer that took 4 hours.

Cooked Bhai: Urs Truly
Recipe: Arpan Chauhan
Moral Support, Extra Instructions and Constant Niggling Over Phone: Richa Singh

Date: 17th Oct, 2009

A Cafe for Docs

Posted by ShoZu

That's what it seems, although not sure for I never stepped in. Wonder what kinda syrups they must be serving there (with capsules and tablets as appetizers).

This is near the ISKCON temple in Copenhagen; so do sip a tonic or two on your way to the temple.

Date: 18th Oct, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music Review - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Went through the whole APKGK (that's Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani in a supposedly hep way), till the last song 'Tu Jaane Na' which was perhaps the only decent song of the album. They have four versions of the song, main one being sung by Atif 'There's-something-struck-in-my-throat' Aslam, who kinda spoils the otherwise awesome start to the song. There are quite a few one hit wonders, more I listen to Atif 'See-previous-line-for-this-space' Aslam, more I feel he qualifies as one.
Kailash Kher sings the unplugged version of the same song, does a decent job but somehow the song never attains the heights of ecstasy which you otherwise feel with most Kailash Kher songs. Perhaps, Pritam 'Chor' Da helming the music arrangements has something to do with that.
Other versions of this song and other songs of the album are not worth wasting time, space and effort.

Another ordinary album that will perhaps do well to remain in heart of listeners for a month or so, thanks to constant airplay on radio/TV (as a part of advertising and marketing campaign), before fading into obscurity.

PS. Please, let me know why 'Gajab' is spelt as 'Ghazab'? Were they trying not to make the listener remember that gem of a movie that had Tusssshar (Sorry if missed a few S'es there) Kapoor movie.

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EDITED :) Just figured that Tussssshar starred in 'Gayab' not 'Gajab', so apologies to readers of this entry, who thought I am crazy (which I am anyways, but still).

Friday, October 09, 2009

Nightful of Songs

Some nights are like this, when you have nothing else to do, or lets say that even if you have plenty to do, nothing beats passing it listening to sweet and soulful songs. Here's how I passed this night of mine.

My Abstract Poem(s)

this is what I do
I write some lines
of indifferent kinds
that have no rhythm,
have no rhyme,
of course no meaning
and no sense at all;
but to escape
away from it all,
I give it a label
of being abstract
laying criticism
to perfect rest.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Gandhi Jayanti

I am not sure if I should say 'Happy Gandhi Jayanti' or 'Gandhi Jayanti ki haardik shubhkaamnaye', for firstly, I don't know if that's the right greeting and secondly, I dont know if this even applies in current times.

There are people who worship this great man, considering him a saint, without possessing any of the values the great man stood for. It's like knowing him has become a fad. Ironic, that with each passing year, Gandhi ji continues to attain more and more popularity where as at the same time, the values and philosophies he suggested continue to become more and more obscure.

There's another bunch of people, who hate Gandhi ji. Without any understanding of the times in which he lived and anchored India's quest for freedom, they hold him responsible for all right and wrong things forgetting that its much easy to look back at history and criticize.

What Gandhi ji deserves is not sainthood or worship, but perhaps respect for what he had done for the nation. 'Mahatma', 'Rashtrapita' are salutations that people like us created, it was not him who took those titles. He would better be a human than a saint or god, for he knew he wasn't one.

Here's one song from Kavi Pradip, summarizing very well the current state we live in, and how Gandhi ji would have felt seeing his children living in such a state.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


when the time is right,
not tonight
or during this day,
which may be shining
so bright
but the dark clouds hide
behind the blues of the sky.
It will be difficult
when the lightening flashes
and the thunder rages loud
winds howl
trees shout.

as you must
and so you will
but let
tonight be mine,
you might
find it odd
for everything
seems fine
but beyond
the faces of patent
lies a sad melancholy
soundless lament.

like everyone did,
like everyone does;
pardon me
for making a fuss.
Don't read
into the blankness
of my eyes
and don't see any further;
for you can't be here

Sunday, August 30, 2009

कुछ देर खेलो और (For Your Babies)

कुछ देर खेलो और
इतनी जल्दी क्या है
उमर पड़ी

वो लंगडी वो लंगड़
वो स्टापू की चाल
वो कंचो की छन छन
बुढ़िया के बाल

कटती पतंगों के गिरने का मलाल
फ़िर उन पतंगों को लूटने का बवाल
डंडे से गिल्ली को देना उछाल
लट्टू की फिरकी का दिखाना कमाल

अभी तो शादी को हैं बाकी
जाने कितने गुड्डे गुडियों की जोड़ी

कुछ देर खेलो और
इतनी जल्दी क्या है

अटकन बटकन तोड़ कटोरी
दही कहीं चटकाते हैं
दस्ता पिंजर खार कबूतर
चिडियां कहीं उडाते हैं

घोडे बेचारे मुड़कर पीछे
मार बेवजह खाते हैं
व्यापार के बहाने यूँहीं अक्सर
दोपहारियां कई बिताते हैं

फ़िर शाम बिता देंगे यूँहीं बोलते हुए 'खो'
या एक साँस में कहते हुए 'कबड्डी-कबड्डी'

कुछ देर खेलो और
इतनी जल्दी क्या है
उमर पड़ी

विष और अमृत में आया
ऊँच नीच का फ़ासला
आइस पाइस की धप्पी मारे
घड़ी चुरा के पोसम्पा

फिसल सीडियों से गिरना
और सांपो में फस जाना
लूडो के पासो पर
नीली हरी गोटियाँ पिटवाना

जामुन का वो पेड़
वो शहतूत की ड़ाल
होली में कर देना सबको
टेसू के रंगों से निहाल

कितनी भी कर लो, फिर भी
बचपन की मस्ती होती है थोडी

कुछ देर खेलो और
इतनी जल्दी क्या है
उमर पड़ी

बालपन कुछ देर का
सफर है ज़रा सा
जल्द ही उठ जायेगी
इस बचपन की डोली

कुछ देर खेलो और
इतनी जल्दी क्या है
उमर पड़ी


Kuch der khelo aur
itni jaldi kya hai
umar padi

woh langdi woh langad
woh staapoo ki chaal
woh kancho ki chann chann
woh budhiya ke baal

Kat ti patango ke girne ka malaal
fir un patango ko lootne ka bawaal
dande se gilli ko dena uchaal
lattoo ki firki ka dikhana kamaal

Abhi to shaadi ko hain baanki
na jaane kitne gudde-gudiyon ki jodi

Kuch der khelo aur
itni jaldi kya hai
umar padi

atkan batkan tod katori
dahi kahin chatkate hain
dasta pinzar khaar kabutar
Chidiya kahin udate hain

Ghode bechare mud kar peeche
maar bewajah khaate hain
Vyapaar ke bahane yun hi aksar
dopahariyaan kayi bitate hain

fir shaam bita denge yun hi bolte hue 'kho'
ya ek saans kehte hue kabaddi-kabaddi

Kuch der khelo aur
itni jaldi kya hai
umar padi

vish aur amrut mein aaya
oonch neech ka faasla
aais paais ki dhappi maare
ghadi chura ke posampa

fisal seediyon se girna
aur saanpo mein fas jaana
ludo ke paaso par
neeli hari gotiyan pitwana

Jamun ka woh ped,
woh sahtoot ki daal
Holi mein kar dena sabko
tesu ke rangon se nihaal

kitni bhi kar lo, phir bhi
bachpan ki masti hoti hai thodi

kuch der khelo aur
itni jaldi kya hai
umar padi

Balpan kuch der ka
safar hai zara sa
jald hi uth jaayegi
is bachpan ki doli

kuch der khelo aur
itni jaldi kya hai
umar padi

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Review (or say Opinions)

As I sat waiting for one more night to start, I listened to three new Hindi albums; Wanted, Toss and Fox. Amazingly, all three of them had English titles :)

This isn't a review, mere opinion based on one quick listening.

Fox is a drab album with nothing working for it (at least for me). Wonder how Monty Sharma was able to give that fabulous music in Saawariya (the only good thing about that otherwise forgetful movie). Looks like MS is Uttam Singh of current times; in fact Uttam Singh gave quite decent music in a few other movies apart from Dil To Pagal Hai; Gadar and Dushman being the ones I recall instantly.

Toss has music by Sandesh Shadnilya and some new bloke Siddharth Suhaas whom I have never heard before. I will skip the remixes as they are seldom good and often fillers. Sandesh Shandilya has come up with great music every once in a while. His 'Suraj hua Madhyam' was as per me the only good thing about the drab K3G; I still recall the beautiful melodies of Rules: Pyar ka Superhit Formula; Socha Na Tha had some decent tracks and 'Aaoge jab tum' from Jab We Met was not bad either.
Toss starts with two good chill out lounge tracks composed by Sandesh and then three crappy numbers by the other guy. The punjabi number is crap or say there's nothing worth remembering about it. Then there are two numbers with pop-rock sound to it, which is something that has no novelty in it anymore. Lyrics are forgetful, making sure that there's nothing hummable in the album :)

Wanted has music by Sajid-Wajid, another bunch of those not so talented guys who have been flocking the Bollywood music scene off late (Amar Mohile, Pritam Chor, Monty Sharma, Salim Sulaiman and so on and so forth). Anyways, Wanted is one album where one knows what to expect, given Sajid-Wajid's past record. The album has a few dance numbers (Love Me, Ishq Vishq, Jalwa) (that is songs with some beats and lots of oh oh oh, ooh ooh ooh kinda sound and then some dholak sholak and punjabi thrown in between). It also has typical Sajid-Wajid puppy-pop number which tries to be too sugary, too rhythmic, too romantic, too much lovey-dovey, except that it fails on all account as these kinda Sajid-Wajid numbers often do ('Mitwa Re' from Hello, 'Rab Kare' and Duppatta song from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, etc etc etc). Then there is a song with arabic sound to it, lesser said (or heard) of it the better. BTW, Jalwa song is pathetic (although there's no real need to state that). There's a Wanted theme song, which is again nothing new (except that you get to hear Salman delivering some lines meant for front benchers and some other chaman singer singing something) and the album ends with a desi sounding song with jabardasti ki tweeter beats to it. This song tries too hard to come across as a no tension vension, full of fun song, but it achieves only this much. I guess a bit less of beats/electronica and 'ooh aah, hai hai, chom chom, hurrrrrr' would have probably resulted in a better song with listeners (some of them) perhaps finding the lyrics fancy.

Of the three albums, I would say the only song that I remember and will probably listen again is 'Ishq Vishq'; nothing great about it, just that one still needs to survive mediocrity.

Moral: Nights can be wasted in a better manner :)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

भरे जहन में ज़हर जो कभी

जहन में जब ज़हर जो कभी
फूल से लगने वाले भी कांटे बन जाते हैं
ज़िन्दगी में यारों ऐसे भी मुकाम आते हैं

उम्रभर संभाल रखे यादों के गुलदस्ते
एक पल में गिरके तमाम हो जाते हैं
ज़िन्दगी में यारों ऐसे भी मुकाम आते हैं

पड़ती है दिल--दिमाग पर ठोकर कुछ इस कदर
भीड़ में वीराने, वीरानो में शोर के मंज़र हो जाते हैं
ज़िन्दगी में यारों ऐसे भी मुकाम आते हैं

यह भी मैंने देख लिया नजदीकियों का हश्र
समझने से पहले नजदीकियों में फांसले जाते हैं
ज़िन्दगी में यारों ऐसे भी मुकाम आते हैं

चलते हैं अचानक ही जब इल्ज़ामात के अंधड़
कुछ पल में ही 'आप' 'तू' में बदल जाते हैं
ज़िन्दगी में यारों ऐसे भी मुकाम आते हैं