Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Blue Moon Who Died

And this is how the blue moon died
for he had fallen through the skies
to meet the one girl that he loved
the beautiful maiden who lived on earth.
She was poor, worked day and night,
in fields of maize with mist in her eyes,
and yet her beauty knew no bound
there was no one like her to found.

On one such night along with her friends
as she sang the songs of joy, clapping her hands
echoes of her laughter reached other side of the mountain
where sleeping on the white snows, lay the moon of bluish flame.
He listened to her song, her laughter
and when curiosity got the better;
out he came on his chariot of horses white
paling away the darkness of the night,
and this is when he first looked at her face
needless to say, he was left amazed.

Hiding behind the trees he watched her dance
his eyes not blinking, as if caught in a trance.
He would have continued to do the same
but for the Morning Sun who was to be blamed.
The blue moon returned to his abode in the skies
with love in his heart and sadness in his eyes.

The night that followed was not his night
and yet he appeared in the dark skies.
The village folk wondered why the moon shone
with a blueness that was never known.
Oblivion to his plight and grief, the girl slept inside her hut,
helpless moon kept looking for her, riding in his horse chariot.

Next night again burned blue, as the love struck moon flew
once again in search of his lady; pity that she didn't knew.
That night, it rained; a gentle sob with a touch of blue,
as the drops kissed the moon; but alas, the girl still didn't knew.
She would have probably never known
but for the waft who forgot his way home,
instead, through her window he came
carrying with him, a blue drop of rain.
As she lay on her bed, her eyes closed
it was her palm on which he dropped
that tear of the moon, that drop of blue
and away he went, to his home he flew.

The blue flame was all so soft
but the girl woke up and looked at the drop.
Bemused she looked outside the window
rain still falling with the blue glow.
It was then that she realized, this isn't any other night
slowly she went outside, with mixed emotions of fear and delight,
She let the blue tears kiss her face
and looked at the heavens with divine grace.
Up from the skies, he saw her again
and he didn't knew if he should smile or cry of pain.
But he knew where lay his destiny
with the pretty maid from the realms earthly.
He was not a god anymore
he was not the moon that existed before,
out he stepped from his chariot white
and fell through the depth of the skies.

They still tell this tale of his
Of those three nights of eternal bliss
when they all had seen a moon so blue
up from the skies who had fallen through.

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