Thursday, October 07, 2004

Strange Times

Strange times indeed. Just like the theme of the Moody Blue's album by the same name. At a time when I should rather be worried about whether my preparation for the qualifiers is going on as per my plans or not, I'm suffering from my usual attacks of nostalgia.
Thursdays have become a routine. Come to the Annie law's lab, pass some time checking mails and latest Chelsea news and then day dream 'googling' (thats a new word that I have coined for continuous searching on google) on the Himalayas, a search which I know is beyond these virtual html pages.
Offlate BIT and associated things have also become a part of my 'googling' stuff. Many a times the information that I found while surfing over BIT leaves me amazed. Other day came across the web page of a senior of ours, name was Hema if I'm not wrong. She had so many publications on her name and yes a very good research associated too. Made me real happy to see a fellow BITian scaling greater heights and making all of us proud with his/her achievements.
Listening to Strange Times and my mind continues to wander more or less thinking on the very lines the moodies sing

What do we need
What do we hunger for
Who holds the secrets,
who will know

And yes strange times cos I continue to look back at years gone by when perhaps I should be looking more at the future. I havent stopped feeling young altogether but as i said just a few hallucinations, illusions might be the right word.

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