Sunday, July 17, 2005

An Evening's Dream

Here's a new one "An evening's dream". Dont know why I called it so, it could have been "A day's dream" or just "Daydream". But now that it has happened, so be it.
The idea behind this one is obvious, the dreams. We all daydream, me in particular a little too much. Some of these are fulfilled and some are not. But for me, they all do, if not in reality then in dreams. The ones that happen to you in that state of thinklessness called sleep, when all else cease to exist and what remains is dreams.
Frankly this wasn't the idea with which the lines were written, they just occured spontaneously. Three days later, as I re-read them now, the above idea makes more sense and may be more appropriate as well.

Vanished dreams of the daylight
will find their evening of realization
In the setting sun,
the golden sand and the falling leaves
sing a passion song,
for the one unknown.
No one feels lonely then,
for the moon rises above the hills
to talk to the distant stars,
and lying beneath the beautiful sky
You and I, in our respective worlds
dream with open eyes,
travel to imaginary lands
In a region of clouds
amongst the rainbows,
we talk of love
And as the night passes by
a feeling of thinklessness prevails
when just the dreams remain
and all else ceases to exist.

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SoojiE said...

hey shashank....

wunnerfull piece of poetry thr.... twas beautiful... hmmm... me too a dreamer n methinks dreaming....n dreaming BIG is v.v.v.v.verrryyyy essential in order 2 achieve big....

cool stuff thr....