Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two Sides

Saw the two sides

A ripple in the still lake
Stream on the hill slope

Diluting shadow in the water beneath the feet
A warm day passing by a deserted town

The orange of the setting sun
Turquoise of the morning

Red, when the blood was
Blue as its now

Time is an illusion
No walls and windows

Time's a cycle
Prison for the thoughts

Saw the two sides.

Image Courtsey : http://www.hakonsoreide.com/Gallery/html4/twosides.html


GuNs said...

Hey Shashank !!

Its always great to read these pieces of poetry on your blog. Why dont you post an account of happening in your life once in a while? I mean, I am sure you lead an interesting life !!


Anonymous said...

Chauhan, how is life buddy..??? I got into blogs only after that pittsburg trip and i have just started reading a few...urs was the starting point and i see u r a regular writer and a very emotional one.. i like it..!! keep posting such poems and naarations of the trip..!!!