Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moon - Less

For My Dear Moon
and to times
ever since
I am Moonless.

Why to break through the window,
Light up the room
and wake me up.
Dear Moon,
you and your thoughts
are so far
and between.
And yet,
in the middle of
all these nights
you want me
to put to words
the beauty of your face.
I'll do it
for your sake,
But tell me
who'll nurse
the broken
and collect these pieces
shattered glass
lying on the floor.
Dear Moon,
You ought not to be
this cold,
mean hearted;
for you're not just content
to leave
without taking away
the sleep.


bluecoffemug said...

Man!! ur blog rocks!!! thank god i stumbled upon to some gr8 writing


Thanks a lot frd for taking time and reading this :)