Thursday, April 23, 2009

Missing You (Thoughts after Reconciliation)

"I missed you last night.

Did you miss me too?"

No, I didn't;
I missed you the night
you lay awake crying
on your bed
with frowned face
amid mixed emotions,
anger and misery.
how many times
I had called you then
you replied to none.

You lay beside the phone
thinking not of me
but of
rights and wrong,
things that never were,
words never said,
meanings never intended.

I had tried,
in vain,
that night
not to let you
miss me
and miss you
I had tried my best,
my dear,
but 'missing you'
is what you had
left me with.

I did not miss you, my dear,
last night;
I had missed you
that other night,
a lot.

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Stapps Paradox said...
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Stapps Paradox said...

that was deep :)

Anna said...

Deep and Passionate.

Sachin Sinha said...

And the inspiration for this is ...



No one in particular. Was merely exploiting the irony of the casual statement we make so often in times when it's meaning is very trivial, in comparison to those when it really matters but we never say it :)