Monday, June 01, 2009

We Don't Need No Education (On Global Warming)

We will perhaps
realize one day,
then we dont care,
for we know
we wont live
to see that day;
and so,
why should we care.
You can always tell us
of generations
that are yet to come,
their future and hardships;
but then
we ain't intelligent enough
to see that all;
or better,
we are too indulgent
in self.
We are too busy
always short on time
and we have better reasons
to be worried
to be fearful
than the times
which are oh so far away,
to be bothered
of children
who are yet to be conceived;
and when we are unable
to think about them
do you think
we'll have care/time
what you fondly call
'Mother Nature'.

So let us drive
our cars in number,
lets us cut
our share of timber,
and don't raise your voice
when you see empty offices
illuminated at night
we can give our reasons
of safety and fright,
and above all its our money;
you can label us 'Capitalistic Snob'
but don't be jealous just cos' we can afford.
You can shout your heart aloud
and you can kick in disgust
when no one heeds your call
but let us remind you,
once and for all,
Global warming is a great fad
to talk at scientific gatherings my friend
in day to day life no one cares
for the world isn't coming to an immediate end.

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