Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Sound That Came

There's a sound somewhere
but I am going to sleep
I will try my best
not to get disturbed
by this beep.
So I close my eyes
and switch off the lights,
paving way
for a sleep of anonymous kind
to engulf me
in its agitated sojourn.

Woke up
after all these years
with a wound in my head
that scratches me,
and a pain in my heart
that perturbs me, more and more;
I wish
I had listened
to the sound that day.

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Rishi said...

yaar,yeh toh 'cause and effect' waali poem ho gayi. What was the sound!!!!??????


Rishi Bhai its about 'inner voice', 'conscience'.

The realization or the value of ones conscience might not be sudden. It is perhaps felt most when, with passage of time, one notices ones lack of peace and satisfaction (his success notwithstanding). It's in times like that he wonders and realizes that once there was a sound which had told him so but was neglected (though subconsciously it always remained).

And when this realization is complete, he laments, if only he had listened to the voice earlier.


Stapps Paradox said...

agli baar loudspeaker le ke ghoomnaa :D achhe se sunaayi degi and then u wont b able to neglect it :P


Abe dhakkan, yeh tere liye hi hai, agar tune tarike se suni hoti to aaj Dr. Son tere baap nahi, tu unka baap hota. Ab aage mera munh mat khulwa :)

waise khatam kar raha hai phd ya picture abhi baaki hai.....

Stapps Paradox said...

yaar dr son apna kaam karwaye jaa rahe hain...ik naya proposal likhwa rahe hain... this is 4th one m doing wid him... aur mera proposal defense aur peechey karwa diya hai... and saalaa pehla paper likh ke diye 2 mahine ho gaye, abhi tak bheja nahin... but fir bhi he wants me to get done wid this place by march.. :(
khair... m hopeful... he needs me for his own benefit...