Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flowers in The Window

Both me and Richa are fond of flowers. We have an unwritten rule of buying a new plant every month and we have been following this rule in some sense, ever since Richa moved to Denmark. Flowers add a lot of colour to the house and the life of its inhabitants. At times, as I watch Richa watering them and caring for their needs of light and air, they appear to me as children who bring immense joy and pleasure to ones life. Amongst various other feelings, I always derive a lot of peace and happiness from the flowers in our house. A sense of contentment prevails over me when I watch a new flower blooming or a new leave developing. It was always my plan to have some plants and flowers in the home, but they never materialized till I got married. Its good to see that my wife shares the same passion for flowers, although that was an easy guess to make; you wont find many girls who do not like flowers. Richa is much more vocal in showing her happiness and joy and her appreciation and love for the flowers is more obvious than mine. It makes me even more glad when she talks enthusiastically about the new developments in our plants which are often brought to my notice by her. And every time she is doing that, a Ruskin Bond line rings through my head.

There's a Begonia in her cheeks,
pink as the flush of early dawn,
on Sikkim's peaks.

Here's to the flowers in the house; for making us happy and cheerful, and strengthening further our belief in life and all that's good and god.

Cala Lily Black

Yellow Rose



Pink Begonia

Cala Lily Yellow


Anonymous said...

Bhaiye garden mein chaukidaari ka kaam mil gaya hai kya? Haan waise Cincinnati mein chaukidaari ka experience to bahut tha......... :)

Stapps Paradox said...

dekh ke apna bhi dil garden garden ho gaya :D


Thanks Paaji, kam se kam apna naam to likh dete :)

@Sushant :)