Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lake at Brede

There's a lake
on the way to home.
When the winters
are in full swing
this lake
sometimes freezes;
perfect white,
a visual treat,
a sight
to behold
and cherish.
I have thought
on quite many occasions
while viewing the lake
through the train window
as I pass it
on my way home,
to stop by,
get off the train,
walk up to the lake
spend some time
in its pristine whiteness,
eternal yet momentary
I have thought this often,
that one day
I will stop by
at this station
and take a picture
or two.
Now the winters
are waning down
I have not been able to
get off the train
at this station
to soak in
the beauty of this lake,
to be lost
for a while
in its charm.
Every time I pass this station
I say to myself,
for I am always eager/rushing
to reach back home,
well aware
that you must be waiting
for me.


Arnab Baneree said...

Moving and emotional. Good one for loved ones.


:) Glad that you liked the same.

deep said...

looks very beautiful.. the lake as well as ur composition.. :))



Thanks for the appreciation :) Hope life's fine at your end.