Monday, November 19, 2012

One of Those Days

One of those days,
when the heart is not at its place,
and the mind isn't straight,
I am not where its at;

today is one of those days.

This love forsakes me 

and I am clouded with a vision
about many a things and events
dwelling realms of reality and illusion
no one but I bother
for I feel the guilt
of removing the layers
of wanting to know the truth
that perhaps exists
only within my mind.

I want to shrug them off
want to turn my face away
look the other side
but I abide
and delve deeper
into those dark corners
hoping that they will
reveal themselves to me
I trudge through these dark corners
that I've never been
never before
never again
for when a day like this
arrives the next time
corners will change
paths will be different

even the illusory truths I seek
will be distinct.

As time passes
nothing remains the same
the only constant is me
and my agony
of neither being able to
travel the whole
or turn away
without even a cursory glance;
I might do it that way
one fine day,

today is not one of those days.


Anonymous said...

nice one!!



Thanks buddy :)