Saturday, December 18, 2004

First Snow

December 13th, '04
Cincinnati is experiencing the first snows of the winter since yesterday. There is a shade of white intermittent all over the greens making me realize that there's still some greenery left. The green appears to be more glowing, may be I never noticed before. May its the final glow before a give up. As the color of peace continues to take over and the wind continues to grow chilling and menacing, the trees are shedding their final leaves. A brief spell of sunlight, as the sun struggles its way way amongst the clouds to have a look at the earth, results in a wonder only mother nature is capable of. Its beauty beyond words, wonder how nature can lend beauty to a setting as artificial as this; a man made jungle of concrete with conciously laid down grass and trees. And then, just like every miracle, this one too lasts for a moment, the sun hides again and we are back to reality. The snow continues and a tinge of sad gloom prevails over the campus.

December 14th, '04
Seems like it has snowed the whole night. The white which was only intermittent a day before is now starting to dominate the green finally signalling the arrival of yet another winter. I have taken out my winter jacket and so have others. Who wants to take the warth of winter's fury. Like it or not, the time has come to welcome the winter, grateful that it delayed its arrival.

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