Thursday, December 30, 2004

Spring 2004

Anshul's trip to cicninnati Posted by Hello

This one is from Anshul's trip to Cincinnati during last spring. I think this was my maiden trip to Newport. I remember I was still with the Residents Hall during those days and since it was vacation times, busy doing 40 hrs of job. Anshul was as always 'kutto type', he still is. My plans to going to Maryland have not materialized yet, may be coming spring.
Talks with Chul over phone have offlate become sparse, I busy with one thing or the other and he with his job hunt. Hopefully he'll get a job soon.
Talking about Anshul, 28th was Qu's b'day. Anshul as usual used the occasion, the way we say it "Quuuyaami ki bahut li". Well me to was not behind. But Qu never minds, he doesnt have one you see :)).

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