Friday, January 14, 2005

In A Moment Of Doubt

Am I in love with you
Shouldn't I know it better
Or just like everything else
Let me regret it later
Wish you life
And lots of time
I'm not able to find it now
You might have taken it
Its for me to see
And to hear
Your music, your laughter
Place in my hand
That thing called fortune
I've lost mine
My words vibrate
Sometime your name
And some echoes are still left
So let them pass
Then I'll start
Questioning myself again
Am I in love with you
Or is it just a feeling
That will pass away with time
Just like you did.

1 comment:

~manndeep~ said...

Love can't be just a feeling that passes by,
For what is love and all its splendor if it is to pass by with the next gust of wind....

Rather it stays with you
Etched deep in the realms of your heart
That piece of your heart now belongs to her

And when you love again
A different piece of your heart is placed in her palm
At her mercy
To be loved or not to be?