Friday, January 13, 2006

An Autumn's Tale (Autumn In My Heart)

She liked to walk along the ocean
Often singing her song aloud
She used to tell me, of her life and love
And it was me they were all about
She talked
and I listened
When we walked
along the ocean

We knew the invetiable
So we waited for the moment
And then came the day
We were having our walk
With her on my back
When she closed her eyes
and died

While we walked
She didn't replied
While I talked
Not even yes or no
No emotions to show
But I continued my walk
By the shore
With her on my back
Like we used to before
Thought she listened to me
As into the ocean I walked wishpering
'I love you', 'I love you'
The song that she used to sing.


Anonymous said...

abey herione ko kyoan maar diya !!!

GuNs said...

Hey Shashank !!

Nice to see your blog. I started blogging recently myself. Click on my nick to go to my blog.

The link anyhow is :

Amazed to read those poems man. How many have you written till now?