Friday, January 27, 2006

Paritrana - The discussions


times of india, well I stopped long back believing in them and thr news but then they have this website as well.
The website dont say much, would have been great to lean about thr ideology which is still not up on the site. President, vice president and treasurer all sport a sort of a freedom fighter kinda look, dont know if thats intentional or just part of thr personality.
Too early to say anything in terms of believing or not specially when u r so far away from India. Anyways, if the intentions r right, hope they get the desired success.


My bad, they have thr ideology page up, must say they choose thr words well.


Pooja's mail reminded me of a blog entry that I read sometime back. I am putting the same below. It has nothing to do with doing somethg for the contry's sake but one common thread that runs through the two stories is that people are willing to take the risk. They r willing to explore thr true worth, they want to do wht they feel will make them happier. There's a confidence in their decision, of course thrs risk involved but no new path is treaded without a sense of risk, its just that the achievers are the ones who dont let these fear of risk prevail.
Paritrana evokes a sense of doubt in me perhaps bcos our political system is so much corrupted that one tends to be distrust even the best of intentions. Is this a true news, does it have the right intentions or its just another way of tricking the already troubled youth. But I dont want to skeptical as well, so lets hope that someone has really initiated a movement which hoepfully will realise the goodies it promises of.

This is what IIM A grad Sidin Vadukut had to say about his decision on his blog:

Dear All,
Finally after weeks of contemplation and thought and watching Friends reruns I have decided to finally do it. A few days from now I will cease to be a consultant. Instead I will be a writer.

As we speak an email is hurtling its way across the nation to my HR and MD indicating my imminent departure from AT Kearney. From next Friday I will be a free bird and will immediately embark on a book, freelancing, columning and anything else I can force people to hire my writing skills for.

The reasons are numerous. But in the end I decided I needed to do what I was happiest doing...

For the amazingly talented guy who penned the now-classic Travails of Single South Indian Men writing is that source of happiness.


A bit of surfing revealed that the guys r really ex IITians.
though i'm not sure if they will do great as politicains or not, i think its a decision worth applauding. Of course to do that we need to get over the cloud of doubt our present political system has created in our minds, cos every such effort no matter how true it is to its cause, is always viewed with skeptism.

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English August said...

This might be the beginning of something good for the country. I have an interview with Chandrashekhar, the national treasurer of the party on my blog.