Tuesday, May 02, 2006

27th April : In memory of

As I turned around to look at it
I hurt my back
27th April came and went
nobody seem to understand
Not even the ones who should have
for its just another day
It passed like the days pass
mixed with the sand in the hour glass.
In between the pasts and this present
few worlds have undergone a change
Over there someone cried and someone laughed
but then and now have fallen apart.
Now someone sulks and trips over the pen
scribes the verses all in vain
On the other end what happens who knows,
hope its the laughter that just flows,
all's at ease and enjoying the peace
like 27th April never exist.
I know
its because this is just the second time
this feeling will dilute with time,
everyone will feel alright then,
even I wont care
when 27th April came and went.


GuNs said...

Hey Shashank !!

27th April, your birthday?
I dont remember ANYONE except my family ever wishing me a happy birthday. Sad, but then you cant really help it. The good thing is that its saved me a lot of money coz I've never given out a birthday treat to anyone (except last year which was more a treat coz of my job).


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GuNs said...

Hey Bro...

Why dont you ever reply to comments on your blog?

Anyhow, what are you doing these days? Working/studying?

Abhishek said...

"It passed like the days pass
mixed with the sand in the hour glass."

This line is something Shashank I liked it too much.

The mood of whole poem is also quite sombre I won't say serious.which was good for midday reading that I am doing now. One comment though there are too many I's in your work bandhu, which takes the attention to you as a person all the time while I am reading your work. I don't know if its intentional or not but sure makes poem a little less important than you. I thought it would be good to point out in case you are not noticing.

The Poem is about time and I like that topic so it was a winner.Cheers