Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BIT2K Reunion - Pittsburgh, 25th June 2006

6 years is a long time, but this reunion it never felt like so.
Have to say a moment to remember :)
Here's the day as it passed.

On the way to Pittsburgh, at the Pennsylvania State border. Early morning 7:00 AM.
Thats Rishi with me, 5 years on he resembles Anurag Verma 'Thakela'; of course minus the mooche ;)

Urs truly in a striking pose with authentic fake smile :)

Boom Boom Bang, 10 minutes into the game and Germany is already 2-0 up with the game as good as over. Time to move, everyone is damn hungry after the nights drive. Here we are at the Udipi, Avinash and Utti in front, Rishi in his typical Thakela mode (Did u notice the way he rests his chin on his hand; the typical ever-so-thoughtful pose). sumit singhal is chewing his nails, he is good at chewing other things as well. Description abt others in the party to follow.

Chul, Sips and Surd in front.

Singhal trying the AV pose, give it up man, that pose is Rishi's copyright.

Sardar aur uske funde.

Utti came from his galfrds house after watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and is still having a SRK hangover ("I luv U, BBBBBBB BITIANS"). I thought after a solid meal at Udipi, Nagarjuna style (even better if Ballaya style) wld have made more sense.

Utti and Sardar in front of the famous Pittsburgh Temple.

Banana Brothers, Thats sardar grinning on seeing the banana, u can call that the Banana Effect.

Anupam 'oori saala' Choubey in his Rajnikanth get up.

Chulbaaz trying his hand on 'Oori Saala' style. But thrs no comparison, Chobs the man when it comes to black goggles.

With a cigerrate in his hand, sardar finally felt like a man,
Before that what he was feeling like is anybody's guess.

Dewani and Sardar,
BTW stripes was in for the day.

U either get 'STRIPPED' or u wear BLUE

Relak-singh at the Starbucks; myself doing matthapacchi with sardar.

Sumit trying a new pissed-off look.


So who is the bigger Chaman

Dono takkar ke hain, C how happy they are to be called Chaman.

On the way to the riverfront.

Miya, Biwi aur Sardar

Chaddidhaari 'Men in Blue'

2 S

Thats 2 Ses getting cosy ;)

At the riverfront

Here's everone taking everyone else's, I mean Photograph

An evening on river Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. Sips

Utti, (dont u think a M in front of Utti wld have made it better ;)

Thats the way Anurag Verma Sir was in his jawani...

A Surd with a broken tooth (Last heard, that broken tooth is the result of one of the several belans Sardar has dealt with after marriage)

A beautiful evening.

Notice the striking similarity in the pose, Now thats what we call a well reharsed pose.

Singhal & Rishi

Here's once again 'Chin-on-hand' pose of the one and only Rishi 'Anurag' Verma.
Finally Sips gets some time away frm Mrs. Sips. She normally doesnt like when Sips shares the frame with others.

And finally we have the initiator of the whole idea, Sumit Singhal, the future CEO and owner of Siemens.

BTW for those who thought that Geet Talkies case is over, here's Chulbaaz being interrogated by Pittsburgh Police; Chulbaaz is the real International Khiladi.

And it required a lot of effort from Rishi (bechara kitna thak gaya tha is ke chalte) and Choubey and his goggles (that chul was wearing) that saved Chul from being roughed up by the police.

Chobs with Surd

As the beautiful evening was nearing its end, we decided to call Tikki. Vishal 'Tikki' Jaiswal was in Oregon and it doesnt seem like he has changed much. BTW he got married, which is good sign for all the bachelors in the batch (whtever lil' are left), for if Tikks can get married anyone can ;)

Pittsburgh Downtown from Mt. Washington

Once more

Myself, Sardar and Chul

That's earlier from the day.
Utti's SRK pose continue and Dewani looks bemused.

No Comments

Let's Dance baby.

That was Chob's obsession of the day.
'Oori saala, kya kutto type kutta hai'

Pittsburgh downtown from Choubey's Camera, waise isme Camera ka koi dosh nahi hai, Chobs was trying his hand on modern photography.

That's Singhal with the killer pose.

Now some group pics...

One more

Yet Another one

And one more


Well one more

And here's bringing the house down.

This BIT Reunion was a great experience to say the least, I'm sure everyone took back with them some nice memories and of course refreshed some of the most beautiful moments of the past.
Here's to BIT and BITians,
Hip Hip Hooray


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you all. lovely photographs.

Anonymous said...

Nice comments Shashank !

Anonymous said...

Chauhan ne to kaher dha diya hai apne comments se..saale ne khul ke li hai..!! kisi ko bhi nahin baksha. :)..!! But still I wud say good job by chauhan..!!


Anonymous said...

Yaar ye photo shoto dekh ke tho legta hai ki waqai trip sahi thi....cheers

GuNs said...

That looks like some great fun you had, man !

I'm sure such memories last an entire lifetime. Good work. Frame a few of those photographs and put them up on your wall.


Anonymous said...

Sahi photos the boss.... ek dam sahi .. dekh kae hi dil khus ho gaya .. i can now feel how great that day was..

Hope this continues

Sachin Sinha said...

Having looked at these great pics I am more disappointed that I couldn't make it. Hopefully I will have better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures. Wonderfully crafted by shashank's comments. Keep it up man...Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Befor I looked at photographs I didn't realize the success of the trip. Feeling great about it.
Good job shashank.


nitin said...

lovely to see u all in a group again... Its sure reminds me of the BIT r really good... keep it up..nitin

GuNs said...

Do check out my blog Shashank. I've been posting quite regularly this month. I am sure you'd have an opinion on some of my recent posts.


Swati said...

Great to see you all together.. Missing my college days. You guys seem to have had a lot of fun together...