Monday, August 07, 2006

For The Fallen Stars

There goes a falling star
so you better make a wish,
If you dont, I hope you know
what you're going to miss.


I know I'll go one day
to collect the fallen stars,
I know I will find a few
right over the marsh.

Few of them had fallen in the lake
so I'll take my fishing net,
fishes might have eaten them
but in case if there's any left.

Those who got stuck in the trees
often give a howling cry,
Might be that their light is being
stolen by the fireflies.

I wonder where the moon is
on these moonless nights,
May be searching for his friends
that fell from the sky.

I often wonder who kicked them out
or is it that they cut their wings,
Who knows what the answer is
Who knows why they are falling.

May be they are not young enough
to fly high in the sky,
May be its the death that pushes them
down to fall and die.

On the gentle winds I sleep
I'll wake up and leave tomorrow,
To collect all the fallen stars
and drive away their sorrow.


There goes a falling star
so you better make a wish,
If you dont, I hope you know
what you're going to miss.


GuNs said...

Beautiful !
What more can I say?
Write more often man...the blogosphere misses you !



Its really busy nowadays Guns thats y cldnt even read ur blog. I hope alls goin on nice and fine at ur end :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuhaan,

Nice one its less haevy and quite easy to read.I liked the style you used here romantic but still you are looking at other things with new persptive. Good one.

The thing I don't like in is this poem like some other of yours is that it rhymes too much and that repititive sound starts to feel like noise.I am talking about 1)Stars/Marsh 2)Net/left 3)Cry/Fly 4)wing/falling 5)Sky/Die 6)Tomorrow/sorrow sort of things Take a few away may be it will feel better.


Assuming that the above comment came from the one & only APS.

Yaar wrote this one under influence of DH Lawrence's rhyming poems and brilliant visual imagery of early 20th century Korean poet Chong Chi-yong. This one was actually written from the viewpoint of a child rather than an adult, thus the theme and the rhyme.
Offlate the romance has taken the backseat and so has the rhyme thing, If you notice last few ones dont have any structure at all.
Anyways will try to improve next time round :)