Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Guardian Angel (Misguided)

Guardian angel
thats what you are
and what a pity
cos' your love is all at sea
having no clues
of the depth of emotion
or of your passion.

Guardian angel
just guide your soul
to someone else's arm
let her feel that charm
which is your's
but not for you to claim,
Alas, you cannot even blame.

Guardian angel
cry with the smile
choke on your feelings
& say all the kind words
no matter how much it hurts.
How sad is this
that your love was so true,
if she only knew.

Guardian angel
is a role that you have played
is a price that you have paid.
A fake smile is all your reward,
and the realization that
Nice men finish last.

Image courtesy : http://angelofdarkness.bloguje.cz/sad_angel_x.jpg

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