Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fortunes in My Hand

There is Love, There is life
There is a hunger in my eyes
with the shirt around my waist,
& a dirty cap fitting loosely on the head;
some three or four bucks in my pocket,
a smile on the face thats more of a habit.
I've got a hope, I've got a desire
someday I too will set the stage on fire.
And as the time passes over, paving way for the night
I can still see my path, cos' there's somebody to guide.
May be all dreams will shatter, to fill me with pain
But I want to give it a shot, i want to turn it all again.
So I will spin the wheel, the wheel of time
will keep on knocking the door, until my good luck shines.

There is thunder, there is calm
There is a fire that will keep me warm
There is a madness and some sweetness too
and yes there's hope, what if the night does grew.
I'll surely realize my castles of sand,
and when the sun will rise tomorrow,
I'll be having fortunes in my hand.

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