Saturday, May 19, 2007

If Words Were Enough

She said
She could not find herself
in my words.
Alas, we understand only words
and pity
for how much can they really say.

that's how these emotions are,
and we'll always wonder
I never said them
& you never understood them.

Shall I worry about my past
cos' future ain't bright either
and words
even they can't bring us together.

If you want me
to pen down an ode for love,
for you,
I can do that.
But do you really feel the need.
What's the point in
dressing emotion with words,
if you can't feel it anyways.

Wish you could understand
Everything else was secondary
the words, the past
when it came to loving you.

Or perhaps you can take this
as a reason
to soothe the heart thats broken,
and I wont mind you complain
That you could not find yourself
in my words.

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Moon said...

dard itna ki aankho me nahi rukta, kambakht duniya rone bhi nahi deti..
jee na payege aapke bagair,
zamaane ki zid to dekho jaan bhi jaane nahi deti.

Anuradha said...

Good verse. Will make her heart melt.


I hope so and probably some others as well :)