Monday, May 21, 2007

One of Those Nights

In a night of noisy silence
The moon came down and whispered to me;
Do you still remember her ?

I watched through my window
up on the hill, there's a fairy glow
In the watery pond
the stars are sleeping for the night
dreaming with their open eyes.
There's a hush in the valley, a peaceful calm,
the wind is resting in the night's arms.
The distant waterfall sings a lullaby
everyone's sleeping except you and I.

The smell of the jasmines is beginning to rise
soon it will overtake me and the night.
I notice a firefly trying hard
to breakthrough the night's dark;
somewhere in the distance it went
lost perhaps in the night again.
I know it has traveled far, to her window from mine,
like it always does, on one of those nights.

Thought it was clouds that shadowed the moon
but realized it soon,
The moon was sitting on the window sill
watching the lone fox dancing on the hill

I looked at the moon and blew off the lamp,
cos' I knew it will ask me again
Do I still remember her ?

I think I do.
In the midst of those nights
when the moon comes to visit me
leaving behind the skies
Yes I remember her
in one of those nights,
One of those nights.

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