Thursday, July 05, 2007

Makes Me Wonder

Makes me wonder

If there's no winter, no summer either
always just the spring,
Will you miss them then
and the Autumn leaves.

All that glitters
for a change is gold,
the ocean and seas
doesn't taste salt.

The birds can talk
the way I talk to you,
The night isn't dark enough
for the ghosts to look through.

Let's assume no one grows old
all remain a child,
Tenderness prevails
in the beasts of wild.

There's no definition of the truth
for there exist no lies,
We could capture time in hand
so that it never flies.

If religions vanish
yet god exists,
fairies bring to reality
your every wish.

When colors are for eyes
not to dilute the minds,
What we say is what we mean
words have no meanings between the lines.

There are no nightmares
when you sleep,
There are no reasons
for anyone to weep.

Would you care to share a tear then
and mourn over the loss,
Will that make you sad, a loss of bad
and things that have gone.

Or will you rejoice
a lesser choice,
Of goodness, good and god
limitations of thought.

The more I think, the more I ponder
It makes me wonder,

Makes me wonder.

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