Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday 2 U :)

A very Happy Birthday to you Dear. I don't really if it makes any sense but wishing you well is the least I can do and pray that god bless you divine love we always crave for and happiness we run behind.
Since the day of birth is not supposed to be melancholic, here are a lots of flowers for you to fill your world with fragrance of laughter and yes, chocolates to add to the sweetness of you.

In essence I don't know why I do this. This might be my obsession, my fixation or better, my entrapment; but like all the rituals one follows in life, you do it cos' it makes you happy :)

So here's to your laughter and happiness, a very happy birthday to you :)


GuNs said...

Happy Birthday to _______ ?

Adi Crazy said...

Happy Birthday from me too...convey my wishes. :)