Friday, September 14, 2007

The Labyrinth

In times
when I'm rescued
form the pages of this labyrinth,
I'll tell you the story
that had no end
and whose beginning
was lost
beneath the veil.
The face
that no one knew,
no mirror revealed,
like an envelope
forever sealed.

And yet
it never aroused curiosity
cos' mundane
in their losses
oblivion to existence
all played
their part in the game,
without possessing any name;
for interchangeable
are the names and the faces
inside this labyrinth,
and I continue
to wander alone
pained by the consciousness
of this cycled existence.

Perhaps somewhere
where the space and time
lies my exit;
to a parallel universe.

Will you

meet me as a star
full of stellar charm
and listen
to my part;
or will you be a part
of another labyrinth,
of another story,
with no beginning
or an end.

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