Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trip To Lucknow

My sister’s marriage last year in December provided a chance to be in Lucknow for two short visits; one prior to the marriage for the Tilak ceremony and then after the marriage for the reception. Though the trips were quick, we still managed some time to do some local site seeing and taste the famous kababs of Lucknow. This blog entry has the combined pics from the two trips.
The details about the historical monuments in these pics can be found on the following sources
The pic says it all

Bada Imambara, entrance to the shrines and the three inner chambers

Entrance to the Imambara (Pic from inside)

Handicraft - The colourful jootis (Traditional shoes) on sale

The Asfi Mosque inside the Imambara

Another view of the Mosque

Rumi Darwaza or Turkish Gate, was modeled (1784) after the Sublime Porte (Bab-iHümayun) in Istanbul.

Rumi Darwaza (A view from the top)

View of the Asfi Masjid and The Rumi Gate from the top of the Imambara Dome

View of the entrance from the top

Mummy, Daddy and urs truly atop the Bada Imambara

The Lucknowi Taanga (Tonga)

Through the Rumi Darwaza in a Taanga

Chota Imambara (The Palace of Lights)

Mosque inside the Chota Imambara

Inside the Chota Imambara

Chota Imambara

The main building inside the Imambara
View of the entrance from inside
Another view of the mosque
Mama in an over-animated pose
and Shannu in an over-sober (Nice rhyme !!) pose
Shannu and myself with the Asfi Masjid in the background
The famous bhool bhoolaiya (Labyrinth) of the Bara Imambara

Another view of the Bhool Bhulaiya
Mama, Shannu and Myself on the roof of the Imambara

Our guide, Qayamat Ali ji
And finally, The famous kababs of The famous Tunday Kababi

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