Monday, April 21, 2008

View From The Carew Tower

Close up of the Fountain Square

Fountain Square from the top

Thats the university of Cincinnati, far in the distance.
And the Close Up
Can you spot the Cincinnati Museum Center in this pic.

Here it is :) (

Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (

Another view, in the background is the Great American Ballpark, stadium of the Cincinnati Reds, the Baseball team of the city ( It is here that we, the volunteers of the Cincinnati chapter of AID (Association for India's Development) used to come often for raising funds (we still do :) )

Fifth Third Bank Headquarters

Cincinnati Southern Bridge (

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. Built in 1866, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world at that time (

The middle bridge is the Newport Southbank Bridge more commonly known as the Purple People Bridge ( The right most bridge is the Taylor-Southgate Bridge (
The two bridges in the background are the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge and the C&O Railroad Bridge (

Paul Brown Stadium, Stadium of the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati based American Football team (
View of the Ohio River
Carew Tower is the tallest building in Cincinnati and was built in 1931 by the same designers who designed the Empire State Building. For all these years in Cincinnati, I never had a chance to be on the top of the building. So before leaving for Denmark, Swapnil took me to the top of the tallest building in Cincinnati. The pics in this entry were taken on that trip. The day was nice, not really pleasant but not cold as well.
By the way, Swapnil works for Kendel, whose office is housed in the Carew Tower. Since Kendel employees are allowed free access to the top deck, I skipped the otherwise $10 entry fees (It might be $5, I dont remember perfectly but there's some fee for sure).


LEVID said...

These are cool captures... Some of the photos were real good...
I think if you took them yourself, then you are pretty good with the camera...

Balaji R Sharma said...

Wow. Been over a year of being here and haven't seen Cincy from those angles. Nice collection. Can we expect a few shots of the University too?

kumsbal said...

i was expecting carew to be a medieval fortress tower in the centre of copenhagen. and it was quite a surprise to find ur bird eye perspective of the town u left behind :)