Monday, July 14, 2008

Tales of Today (A Song for My Darling Loneliness)

Coding is the flavour of the day; not headbanging, thats due to the algorithm (which is yet to figured out, in its completeness). If I dont bang my head, its due the headphone from which constantly circling are Rabbi's new songs from the album, 'Avengi Ja Nahin'.

I guess woh nahi aayegi, reasons are best known to Rabbi, but in real life she seldom returns. You can ask me why and I would say experience, 'Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees ............... Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees, Unnees baar'.

13th was Bhabhi's b'day, tomorrow it will be Appu's. Till last year both were celebrated together, this year one has already been through and the other will be through too, soon; sans me.

Loneliness, be my darling today,
Solitude is a game I want to play.
Will take you in my arms
and I will dance the night away
with you.
Loneliness, will you be my darling tonight
we'll see through the wrongs
we'll see through the right;
Tomorrow may not be in our hand
and I guess you understand.
Loneliness, be my Darling
for its now
that I have your craving,
for its now that I have your need,
I sing this song for you
so wont you heed?
Like everyone else,
dont exist to cease;
Loneliness, be my darling, please.

Hmmm that turned out quite impromptu :) Well, enough of this one darling, I need to go back my headbanging darling, after all I am paid to be with her.....

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Rishi said...

Shades of Bhagat Singh,'Azaadi hi meri dulhan hai':)

Perhaps an effect of Rabbi!
My take:No man is ever all alone. True loneliness would be when the mind(sense of existence) and brain (active thoughts) are one.

PS:Happy Birthday to Arpan.
PS2:Change the clock to Denmark time from EST.