Monday, July 28, 2008

Wait a While

If you feel
the sun's troubling you,
wait a while
I'll bring the shadows along.
If the clouds pour
too much rain
or you continue to feel the pain,
wait a while
cos' we can start
all over again,
it's a cycle nonetheless
for we follow
days and night,
if there's a wrong
lying somewhere is a right;
and if it's not
within the sight,
wait a while
I'll reach for it.
Sooner or later
this sea
will turn a tide
for that time we abide
with love and patience;
till then
let's take a stroll
someone out there
knows it all,
and if you get tired,
feel less desired,
wait a while
cos' journeys and roads
never end,
and time;
Time is always a friend,
it wont cost you much
so you can have a smile
I'll make it to you
for sure,
Just wait a while.

1 comment:

LEVID said...

Europe's weather interfering with your imaginative clouds eh?