Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seven Pair of Shoes

I have seven pair of shoes
too many for a pair of legs.
Come to think of it,
I was never the one
of those spendthrift kinds,
of royal tastes,
not even fond of shoes and shines;
and yet
I have seven pair of shoes.

Would have suited me
if i were a thief by temple
or a chief with money ample.
But I am none,
neither I bought them for fun.
now that they are
it needs to be mentioned,
I have seven pair of shoes.

Two black shiny ones;
They consider themselves a class apart
always looking down on others in rack,
laughing and boasting their shiny leather
I wonder however,
if they can rough it out against the weather
like my running shoes do.
A white like a white dove
for its younger than its other bro
which is soon to be retired from the plight
that it suffers during my long walks,
sometimes I feel it even talks
in a manner that I dont understand
but it has been a good friend.

Then there's a black suede one
which isn't as graceful as the Brown
but it prides itself
for its universal charm.
No wonder its services
are more frequently called upon.
Brown suede sits looking bored
for its seldom worn.
I guess it feels
that I aint the right person to own.

there's a blue pair of soccer shoes
that I am yet to try.
They lie in their cardboard box sleeping
without making any hue and cry;
and why not,
for the place is much cosy and dry.
They might see light of the day
when one fine day I'll decide to play.

So here I am
with seven pair of shoes
that I ended up buying 'just like that',
not that I feel an itch in my feet
I think its more to do with head.
Anyways, these seven pairs
they aren't the best shoes in the world
they aren't the costliest,
they are just seven pair of shoes on my rack,
worth a few roads to walk
worth a few lines to drag.


Rishi said...

Loved this one.Really loved it.It had a spirit to it and a reality, not in some abstract-has-to-be- observed-and-thought-about kind of reality,but an everyday one.
Of realizations that every moment is full of sadness and mirth and possibilities and denial and everything!
Loved it.

Also,it's funny having a conversation in pieces like this:)


:) Thanks Rishi Bhai, glad that u liked it and yeah u r rt, thrs lot to b found in day to day happenings that reflects life the way it is or the way its perceived.