Monday, November 24, 2008

Trippin (My Favourite Songs)

Lets restrict this to five recent ones with sufiana flavour to them.

  • Ha Raham Farma-e-Khuda (Mehfooz) - AAMIR
Aani jaani hai kahani
Bulbule si Zindagani
Banti kabhi bigadti
Tez hawa se ladti bhidti

Armaan kare kaaya yeh ujali
Mitti mein mil jaayegi
Chahe jitni shamayein roshan kar le
Dhoop to dhal jaayegi, jaayegi

Kya mazaal teri marzi ke aage
Bando ki chal jaayegi
Thaame ungli jo tu katputli bhi
Chaal badal jaayegi, jaayegi

Ha raham, ha raham farm-e-Khuda
Mefooz har kadam karna e-khuda

Beyond words :)
  • Tose Naina Lage (Jaaveda Zindagi) - ANWAR
Two muslim characters playing Lord Krishna and Radha, what better way to celebrate the great feeling of love that goes beyond religion, region, caste or creed :)
  • Meharbaan - ADA
Tu hai nihaa (Secret), main hoon ayaan (visible),
Tu hatheli (Palm), main hoon heena (Decoration).

AR Rahman vocals, AR Rahman music, beautiful Urdu laden poetry; brings smile to one's face, peace to one's mind and makes one feel good about oneself and everything around.
  • Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye - KALYUG
Simple yet mersmerizing, magical.
  • Teri Deewani - KAILASA (Kailash Kher)
Off late we have been blessed with some great composers and singers, Amit Trivedi (Aamir music director) is one and Kailash Kher is another. Beautiful composition, even better video; showing various shades of love, each as endearing as other. Add the subtle spirituality that flows underneath and here's music fulfilling its very purpose :)

Amazing songs, nothing more can be said, just listen and experience it for yourself.

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Adrenaline Junkie...Pranav said...

Ha raham is one my favorites too...loved the song...loved the movie as well..strange co-incidence that Aamir is so much related to incidences taking place around us at the moment...