Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Dream (The One of Turquoise Eyes - 3)

They passed through the skin

as they marched towards the cave
with their sharpened teeth
cluttering vociferously.

The voices within
and around
have long been dead,
silence resided there
with fellows no one knew;
but they were not the explorers

Hungry shadows lurked around
shadows without sun
shadows that knew no moon.

They might have been singing a song
out of tune
and soon they were
in front of the cave.

He saw them go inside
one by one
cluttering their teeth
singing their song,
he saw them go inside
with his Turquoise eyes,
Those eyes of his
that shed green tears,
He saw them
one by one;
hunger ,
All were for his Turquoise eyes
to behold.

There’s a cloud
a sun and a moon as well,
day and night
the Cave;
dark and silent it was,
dark and silent it might be.

He moves away
slow and staggering
crushing his shadows repeatedly
eyes open to himself
but closed to vision.

Do watch him go
Do keep an eye
Warn him

“But I have no fear”.
“From whom”?
“I won’t”?

“Then, perish”.

“I will”.

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deep said...

it enchants with amazing gloom within..