Saturday, February 28, 2009

Midnight Gupshup

Midnight Gupshup; hmmmmm.....

Guess, I should have written something sensuous, perhaps having shades of erotica. But then, my midnights are just like my days; I wont label them boring, but I'll be surprised if anyone else finds them enterprising.

Over dinner at Kebabish, I decided to pass the night in the night-out mode. I keep doing this from time to time, sometime night forcing itself on me, at other times, such as this, I forcing myself on the night. I guess this ends up being symmetric anyways, irrespective of who forces oneself on the other.
Anyways, I watched Tahaan and liked it. Somehow I bias my mind to movies. I very much know even before watching a movie, if I am going to like it or not. I like watching fable kinda movies, especially the ones with kids playing central roles (Blue Umbrella, Makdee).
I also wasted my hours shuffling between numerous routines of Hearts, Solitaire and Free Cell. Often I have noticed that if I indulge too much in these card games, my dreams start to appear green; talk about subconscious :)
Oh, by the way, philosophy. Its an important aspect of any conversation that has to be deemed meaningful. Though you need not necessarily talk meaningfully, quite a lot of people still fall trap to this pseudo intellectualism which more often than not is nothing but gibberish. Well, the above sentence is one such example; but let me quote the one that we (Me and Murli) invented during dinner. This one was based on another famous philosophy; 'Take Life as it comes'. We devised our own version, 'One need not worry too much about life, it anyways ends up taking you whether you want to come or leave'.

On parting notes, here's the thought of the night:

There are thousand many ways of screwing your life; sooner or later you'll figure them out ;)


Watch Gulaal when it releases, watch Dev D if you haven't done that, listen to Death Metal with lights off.


Drink Camomile Tea for better sleep, do Yoga for relaxation, frequent cafes in the town, you might see a face or two that're indeed better than yours.



~manndeep~ said...

Watched Gulaal, and was oddly-entertained by Dev D (loved Emotional Atyachar) but have yet to listen to Death Metal with the lights off.

Aaahh...that's why there's a void in my life! :-))

As always, love your posts, especially the poems. Hope all is well.



Hey Deepa,

Hope life's treating u well. Try death metal, its not as bad as ppl make it to be :)

rest is gr8, and hope the same goes for u as well

take care