Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hail the words

and Hail the music.

For a long time I wanted to write a bit about my favourite songs or to put it more appropriately my favourite lines (from a song). I even created a separate blog for that just that after adding the brilliant "I feel just like a child" by Devendra Banhart, I never updated it.
Today I added the second to that list, the dark and gloomy "Peace, Love and Understanding" by A Perfect Circle. Nice emoish song, to sit and enjoy the melancholic times.

The lyrics can be accessed anywhere on the web or through my entry at Blueguitar's Music Zone.

I will try to update this more regularily and also put my thought about why i liked it. Of course with the permission of Time.


GuNs said...

Hey man !

Where do you get a chance to listen to these artists?

Its really difficult to find such music unless you look for it exclusively. Since they receive no popular airplay, any purchase or download of such music is fraught with chances of landing up with something totally useless and crappy.

But then, I once had a chance to get my hands on a CD sent by which promotes amateur artists and helps them put up their music for free download. I chanced upon two or three really really good songs e.g. "Jimmy Cris - Desiree & Me", "Kevin Fowler - 100% Texan" etc. Both these songs are incidentally from the "country" genere.



Hey Guns
Sent u a msg on ur yahoo id, dont know whether u got that or not.
Try or PANDORA. In fact at Pandora u'll get to listen some real gud stuff and since Pandora is in the radio sort of a format (though not exactly radio cos u can always push the fwd button), u'll get a real gud variety and mix of similar artists.
Like I mentioned thr r some other sites as well so I'll keep u posted on that once I have more time to update the blog.
Take care and happy listening.