Monday, October 30, 2006

Justice Done :)

So finally the sentence all waited for. Santosh Kumar Singh to be hanged till death. Without being sentimental or emotional, I am happy, more so optimistic, hopefully this will set a precendent for such criminals to be brought to justice.
For the CBI folks, delayed but all in all a job well done. And for the judiciary, they proved that "Satyameva Jayate" just arent mere words.
Once again congrats to Justice For Priyadarshani, Indu Jalali and The media.,000600010001.htm


GuNs said...

Why are we hearing from you so intermittently man? C'mmon put some time out, maybe one hour per week. Thats not a lot, is it? Your writings are often inspiring besides always being entertaining.

Anyhow, I've left Mother India for work too. Read about it in my latest post.


GuNs said...

Manjunath's killers have been brought to justice. The good prevails !