Friday, October 27, 2006

The One You Dont Seem To Notice

Somebody walks on the empty stairs
Wakes up in the lonely nights
Sleeps inside the closet
& may be even calls
once in a while,
whose sound is that
which echoes
in the heat of the summer
Words unspoken, unheard
hanging in the air
waiting to dry and drop down.
Whose words are these?
Isnt someone standing
soaked in the poaring rain
drenched in a thick veil of memories
and mist.
If its not the body
what's going numb
in the winter's snow.
Hungry eyes are staring
fingers waiting eternally for a touch,
There's someone in here,
never ceasing to rest
always floating in the arid humidity,
Who is that
The one you dont seem to notice.

1 comment:

~manndeep~ said...

Firstly, I have to say, those are some beautifully weaved thoughts.

And, I would like to think that's my guardian angel, a kindred spirit :)

Hope Cincinnati's treating you well.