Thursday, January 24, 2008

As The Sun Goes Down On Me

This was on 16th of November last year, few days before finally vacating the Morgens Apartment that has been my kabootarkhaana for past two years. Me and Ravi had to be at Matt's place for his annual turkey massacre and thus busy with preparing something in the kitchen. As the evening sun started looking down the kitchen window, I realized how beautiful it was and thats when I decided to take some pics. In fact I ended taking up a lot; I never had confidence in my photo taking capabilities. The marvelous shades of red, pink, orange and yellow intermingle to cover the blue canvas making for a view to treasure.

Here's for the lovely evening


Matin said...

Shashank bhai ekdam awesome photos hai...



Thanks sir :)

Aur bataiye kya haal hain.

GuNs said...

Wow, those are BEAUTIFUL photos. I don't get photos like that on my D-SLR! You do have quite an eye. What camera is it?


Hi Guns

Its Canon S5IS. Not as gud as a SLR but still decent, I thought I shld get a feel for photography first and thats y brought this one, thought it will b nice to try my hands on this b4 moving on to the SLR world.

BTW how r thgs with u. Still in UK?